Is this young tennis pro damaging her breasts?

That gravitational slingshotting can’tbe good for the ligaments in her breasts. Is she damaging them, or does really it not matter?

Thank you.

She’s getting a breast reduction according the that link, so it was affecting her game to some degree.

Ow ow ow. That looks like it hurts. I hope she is getting that reduction. Ow.

After giving this some serious thought…


If that ain’t 40 Love…

Are there ligaments in … oh, never mind.

You, of all people, have a way to find out.

He has the perfect name for it right?

Wow. I’m a woman and even* I *thought those pictures were strangely exciting, as well as slightly painful to watch.

I nominate this for disappointing thread of the year… link doesn’t work. Just get a long string of the following error:

Wow. She doesn’t even need a tennis racket!

September 27th, 2009 is now circled on many US calendars (especially for those that think that 18 is “the age” worldwide)


link tested & works fine.

The link works fine. I’ve checked back a few times just to make sure.

Yeah. I think a better thread title would have been “Look at these boobs!” rather than a transparent medical question.

The first time I tried it it bombed out on me. The second time it worked fine.

Are you kidding? Pure cheesecake goes almost completely unappreciated around these parts.

See post #26 in this thread to see what I’m talking about.

I’d link directly to the post, but I don’t know how to work that fancy technology.

Right-click on the post number (upper right-hand corner of the post, next to the “report this post” icon) and choose “Copy link location” (Firefox) or “Copy shortcut” (IE).

BTW, link number one in the above-referenced post may keep me up nights.

Oh shit! The little number is actually a link! Woaaaaah!