Is Thomas Burberry the same as Burberry (Plaid brand)

I noticed different logos on shirts. What is the difference in the companies? Thomas Burberry doesn’t seem to have the plaid design. What’s the deal?

The Burberry company website.

Basically, Burberry check (the “plaid” you mention) has been appropriated by chavs (urban working class in the UK), so the company, which has always had an upmarket image, wishes to disassociate itself from that.

To do this it has repackaged itself somewhat. The real upmarket stuff is now marketed as Burberry Prorsum, the Mid priced stuff as Burberry London, and the young n’ funky casual wear as Thomas Burberry.

Think of it as like the difference between Ralph Lauren, Polo by Palph lauren, and Lauren by Ralph Lauren. Or between Prada and Miu miu, or Moschino and Moschino Cheap and Chic.

For more on the Chav/burberry phenomenon

Some of the opinions are expressed on that site are bigoted and prejudiced. I would like to say that I in no way endorse them or agree with them, I’m merely seeking to show why Burberry might be a little upset to be associated with Chavs.

For a more serious take on the company and it’s inner workings: