Is Tom DeLay's PAC manager a Bush cousin?

This could wind up in Great Debates or the Pit soon enough, but I’m asking here because it seems like a straight-up factual question to me.

I recently read about Jim Ellis, who is the manager of Tom DeLay’s PAC, Texans for a Republican Majority. John Ellis, the Fox News consultant who first called Florida for Bush in the 2000 election, is George W. Bush’s first cousin. (Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s real name is John Ellis Bush.) Now, I realize that Ellis isn’t the most unusual name in America, but it seems a little too much like a coïncidence not to be connected somehow.

As a partisan, I ask: all partisanship aside, is Jim Ellis a Bush cousin? I sincerely want to know. The Ellises are another political family, and if DeLay’s PAC manager is a Bush cousin, then I’d say that’s a significant development. I’d appreciate if anyone could set me straight on this. I have no evidence either way. Thank you.