Is Trident good for your teeth?

I’ve started chewing Trident with Xylitol, which claims to “clean and protect teeth.” Is this a true claim, or are there hidden disclaimers I should be aware of (e.g., “only if used immediately after eating, if used at any other time will damage teeth.”)?

I have heard from several dental people that xylitol actually helps strengthen teeth. (admittedly this site is selling xylitol products)

Well, chewing foods which do not promote decay (such as sugarless gum) does clean the teeth to some extent.

It’s no substitute for brushing mind you, but since it can be easily done after every snack, it’s not a bad idea.

That last link is informative, thank you.

On a related note, I’ve recently taken to chewing Trident Xtra Care with Recaldent. Have any studies been done on the efficacy of this particular additive?

Absolutely no proof of anything, but I’ve taken to obsessively chewing gum after any eating and my checkups are better than ever in terms of my gums (heh) being less inflamed. (Of course I also use the electric toothbrush and am eating less sugar overall, but still.)


Sorry for the slight hijack. I’m glad we’ve got the serious answers out of the way,

When I saw the thread title my first thought was, how can a missile system help your teeth?

Back to your OP, I couldn’t comment as I never chew gum, but I imagine that it could help as chewing stimulates saliva production which is mildly alkali and neutralises the acids that can damage teeth.