Clorox safe for teeth Y/N?


OK, so against 90% of the advice found on the net, I decided to try using Clorox to whiten my teeth last night.

My teeth obtained a yellow tint, I suspect, about 10 yrs ago, when I had an ear infection, and told the MD that I recall being allergic to penicillin - so he gave me tetracycline instead. Little did I know, a side effect of tetra is it will yellow your teeth (I suspect from the inside). It did. Note: same doctor did advise me that most who were allergic to pen will outgrow that as an adult - but he did not warn me about that perm yellowing of teeth as a known side effect of tetra.
Dental cleanings, lots of off the shelf remedies, no luck. Other than that, teeth were movie star quality in form and shape. However, even after cleanings and daily floss, I always had an unpleasant odor when I forced air thru the very minor natural gap between the teeth.
I read on the net, that gargling with hydrogen peroxide would help, so I did this for several years. Marginal, at best. Read some more, and found out the max % of hydro perox you can is in an ear drop solution called ERO, much more concentrated than bottled hydro perox. Tried it, marginal results.
So last night, against 99% of the advice on the net, I got brave and decide to try Clorox. I based this on several reports of users having good results (that were quickly extinguished by doctors advising against it). Some of the doctors warn that using Clorox will damage soft tissue (gums, taste buds) and poison you if swallowed. Others claimed it would have no whitening effect.
What I did was to buy a pair of clear rubber teeth trays (upper and lower) and coat them with the ERO (high % of hyd perox), that pour Clorox over the ERO, letting the excess run off into sink. Then I installed the trays, and kept them in for 5-10 minutes. I held me head down over the sink, so any foam / runoff went into the sink, and not in my mouth. I immediately gargled after this.
I am telling right now, it worked. In one single application. So yes, Clorox with ERO will bleach your teeth white. And possibly due to my precaution of keeping it in the tray via the ERO (which has the consistency of honey), it did not burn by gums or taste buds, nor poison me. Another benefit - when I force air thru the tiny gaps in my teeth, it smells fresh and clean, even the next day - even after 2 meals.

I suspect I will get blasted here on SDMB for doing this, but weigh this against the fact that for the first time in over a decade,** I feel great about having white teeth again, as well as fresh breath.** My plan is to never try this again, via brushing 3 times a day ( I keep a folding toothbrush with me, that stores in its own case - and stays in my pocket with a days worth of paste in the plastic case) and use hyd perox to gargle with, as well as floss and Crest 3D system.

PS I have tried sweets, sours, and other foods - to verify I didn’t erase my taste buds - all is well. Also, my teeth shine and are very smooth, so it seems no damage to enamel .

So did I just dance with the Devil and win? Everything I read states ingesting or even inhaling Clorox can make you ill, and/ or kill you.

PS if you google it, you will find Clorox made toothpaste 100 yrs ago

PS _ i read that some dentists use bleach, or the primary active agent in it, to clean out decaying root tissue during a root canal.

Yeah, you will. In fact I went ahead and reported the thread. My suggestion is that the mods don’t just lock it but actually disappear the thread since you aren’t really debating or asking about using bleach on your teeth but suggesting that people do it.

If you want it to hang around, I’d suggest you come up with some cites that prove that it’s safe. I’d hate to think that people are going to start gargling Clorox because they think you did it (and we don’t even know that you actually did what you said you did) and posted about it here.

You ever heard of a proof of concept!? If you’re going to experiment on yourself, why not limit it to a single trial tooth, one just to the side of your smile?

Not safe. At all.

Your short term results tell us nothing about long term effects.

Too weird.

Also, I thought chlorine bleach actually causes white fabrics to yellow, which is why products such as Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing were invented.

OP – PLEASE don’t brush your teeth or gargle with Mrs. Stewart’s bluing!

Not true…No where I am suggesting others do it. In fact, at the very first line, in CAPS, I state " DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME"

That cite refers to chlorine, which is only a by-product if Clorox is mixed with other cleaning compounds, not in Clorox itself.

(Unless you can prove Hyd Peroxide is one of those)

Here’s the MSDS sheet, indicating risk of severe irritation, breathing problems, etc.

Hydrogen peroxide isn’t in Clorox, and isn’t produced in a reaction, but mixing Clorox with water does produce chlorine ions. You have water in your mouth, and in your mucous membranes.

This isn’t really a debate. I’m going to zing this over to IMHO.

Jonathan - fair enough.

I would suggest not deleting it, since it is a very common question on site like ASK and Wiki. My bet is many SDMB readers have considered it at some point.

And, i appreciate all of the responses that warn against it, with their reasons / cites.

I weighed my quality of life against the known risks, and took every precaution to not ingest, inhale, or make contact with soft tissue like taste buds (obviously there was inevitable contact at the gum line)…I also made a test by mixing Clorox with ERO Hyd perox to make sure no adverse reaction, like chlorine.
I had a hunch it would whiten my teeth, as i have used Clorox to whiten the white brick walls in my finished basement - where it had stains from mineral leaks via minor water leaks - it made them white.
I hadn’t planned on the elimination of unpleasant odor in the gaps of my teeth.

I do not recommend this, yet I can’t count the number of trips I have gone to check out the results in the mirror, and forced air thru my teeth ti smell the freshness. I even went out in the sunlight with a mirror.

PS background - I have tried off the shelf whitening strips - marginal as well. I suspect that is due to tetra induced yellowing.

never smoked.

And the biggest PS - my primary (or primal) driving factor, was that tonight I have a date with someone I have been dating since June (who happens to have incredibly white teeth and fresh breath). We have both hinted we may be ready to be more than “just friends”. I have been masking this problem with Dentyne gum on dates, as well as not revealing my teeth as much as possible.

I now feel born again, and am I looking forward to tonight.

All the wrong reasons, I know…but that’s what love / lust can do to otherwise rational ppl.

OK now thats a good cite / reply. I wasn’t aware Clorox makes chlorine when mixed with H2O. I tested it offline with ERO hydro perox only.

However, don’t most survival guides recommend treating questionable water with bleach to make it safe to drink?

Clorox makes chlorine when mixed with H2O? Clorox is mixed with H2O. It’s a mixture of sodium hypochlorite, a dab of sodium hydroxide, and water. Mostly water in fact, 94% water. The sodium hydroxide is to keep the pH up enough to prevent chlorine gas from forming. If you added enough water to bring the pH back to neutral you might liberate some gas, but by the time you’d be pretty darn dilute.

FYI - the E R O ear drop solution - I have yet to find it in any store (CVS Walgreen, etc). I read about it on some teeth whitening forums - due to it having about 3 times the perox that is in a bottle of Hyd Perox, and it is carbamide perox with anhydrous glycerin. It seems you can only buy it online.

And yes, it clearly warns against ingesting.

So again, do not try this at home

FYI here is the ad from 1921 for Clorox Toothpaste

Just because the Clorox brand name was on the toothpaste does’t mean it contained chlorine bleach.

The CDC says (PDF alert) 8 drops per gallon, then wait 30 minutes before drinking.

Or it doesn’t mean it was safe or wise to use in that fashion. Lysol used to promote douching with their product in ads aimed at women worried about their “feminine hygiene” - though apparently that was also a very coded way of saying it could be used as contraceptive douching, too.

They may be white but I’m curious what it did to your enamel to get them white. Haven’t you effectively just removed a massive amount of yellowed enamel? If that’s the case your teeth may look pretty but the enamel which is critical to tooth integrity and protection is now compromised making your teeth weaker and eventually more prone to damage and cavities?

This says that clorox also removes moisture from the tooth structure making them more brittle. I’ve read enough horror stories on this board about the travails of people with “weak” teeth and the procedures they go through I can’t imagine damaging them structurally simply for a cosmetic improvement. It sounds like that’s what’s you’ve done.

I have to wonder why anyone would think that putting bleach on their teeth was a good idea.