Is West Nile Virus something I should worry about!

On TV, in commercials and on the news, there is alway talk about the scourge of West Nile Virus. I finally decided that since I live in a mosquito infested area, I should learn something aboput West Nile Virus. I went to Google and did the basic search. The top hit was from the CDC, what a better place to find out about a plague, so that’s where I went. I clicked on the link for statistics, 2004 and I found out that of the 100 deaths attributed to West Nile Virus in 2004, no one died in South Carolina. Then I clicked the link to 2003 and learned that out of the whopping 264 deaths that year none were in South Carolina. This year in all of the United States ONE death has been attributed to West Nile Virus, not in South Carolina. I HAVE TO KNOW is West Nile Virus really a threat or just a conspiracy to sell more insect repellant and screen doors?

The hype over West Nile is frankly ridiculous. 80% of people who get the disease are completely asymptomatic – they feel no effects whatsoever. Just over 19% of people get flu-like symptoms. Less than 1% of those infected develop the most dangerous and potentially life-threatening symptoms. Cite

I also wondered about this. There was an article in my Akron Beacon Journal last Sunday about the drop off in numbers.

They did make the comment that most reported cases come in August and September. So, don’t take too much encouragement that only 1 death was reported so far this year. They also said that because of the incredibly dry Spring and also dry Summer, the breeding of the specific mosquito that carries this has been lower. In many states. Not all.

Every health/safety decision you make involves a cost/benefit analysis that is personal to you. Death is not the only bad outcome of West Nile Virus. It can cause really icky brain damage, too. Mosquito repellent isn’t that bad for ya, so I use it if I know I’m going to be exposed to potential bites.

Might be that way in Akron but we’ve had frequent rain here in SC, normal to above normal, I’d say. The swamp has been at a good level to fish all Spring and Summer.
I believe that it’s hype to sell more insect repellent and screen doors. We’re all on a one way ticket to the grave and there are many things more threatening than mosquitos.