Is what seems like “Instant Totally White Hair” at 69 years of age in one year common?

Is what seems like “Instant Totally White Hair” at 69 years of age in one year common? Could there be factors. I could see it coming in Pics I took. My Drs had no comments.

  1. Genetics and I used Youth Hair Cream to blend hair about 20 yrs and stopped and lived with 2-3 years.
  2. Stress that seems Daily Now, retired in 03 but volunteered weekly until 2010.
  3. Muscle Pain from aging/injures with new limits, walk 2 mi 5 days, 2-3 hr chores 3 days.
  4. New Meds related to sinus surgery/allergies, cholesterol, B/P, nerves.
  5. Have a few glasses of Box Wine per afternoon’s vs any hard liquor to help relax.
  6. I feel I have seen the early or instant change in others.

Thanks For Sharing! I Like This Larger Group Of Opinions And Experiences.

That’s something I would ask my doctor about if my hair color did a rapid change.

That said, if I was seeing it in somebody else, my assumption would be that they had been dyeing their hair and had recently stopped bothering.

That happened to someone else I know after one of her children died.

I understand there is no such thing as shock turning your hair white, but hers turned very rapidly, so it was probably a combination of genetics and coincidence.

I don’t know about turning white in a single year, but men in my family go gray pretty quickly. By age 30, most men in my family are either half bald, or completely gray.

A friend of mine was on the scene at the WTC and he and his coworkers, to quote him, “ran for their lives.” I saw him six weeks later, hair still dark brown, with a few gray strands. A year and a half later, totally white (I did not recognize him for a minute). He wasn’t even 50.

It may have turned even earlier, as I didn’t see him in between times. I only know that I thought a year and a half was pretty fast for such a drastic change. But you couldn’t really call it instant.