Is your best friend an animal?

I’ve had a few human best friends over the years, but now my best friend is a cat.

Can we really form as close a platonic relationship with a pet, as with a human? Yes, I believe we can and often do. Human/pet relationships are obviously different from human/human relationships, but they can be just as close.

No, you can’t reminisce over old times while downing a few mugs of beer at the pub with your cat (a few bowls of Kibbles & Bits…maybe), but when’s the last time your human friend snuggled in your lap and purred (girlfriends don’t count) or amused you by chasing his tail, or a mouse? Ever try dropping your human friend from a height to see him land on his feet? Ever comfort your human friend and pat him on the back while he’s hacking up a furball? Does your human friend make you laugh when he gets the zoomies every night? Maybe yours do, but mine never did.

I have 6 cats, but Benny is my favorite. Ollie, the young bob-tailed cat is my youngest daughter’s favorite (he’s a holy mess, but funny as hell!).

As I noted in another thread, Pee Pee, a long-hair female, most annoys me. Her incessant, low-pitched, monotone, drawn out meooooooooooooooow grates on my nerves. She is, however, the most affectionate of the bunch, so she gets cat-cred for that.

Meatball, the alley cat, is my nemesis. He’s a very heavy, completely ungraceful cat who runs, leaps, skids, knocks over, and breaks things on a regular basis. And, the things he breaks are always MY things (coincidence? I think not). My fine wine glass collection is completely wiped out, among other valued things.

Coconut, the Siamese, is just chill. He hangs out on the kitchen counter all day long. I’ve tried training him to hang out elsewhere, but you know how easy it is to train cats, right?

Fish, whose mouth looks like that of a fish, is entirely passive-aggressive, and his aggression is always focused on me. His last stunt was pooping into MY frying pan when I wasn’t looking. I’m just grateful I wasn’t frying sausage links at the time, or I may not have noticed.

Benny was the first in my current cat clowder and he is my best friend. He took over that illustrious role after Tibby (my namesake) joined the cat-choir eternal last year.

Benjamin follows me all over the house and just loves to chill with me. Sure, he wants some alone time at times. And sometimes he wants to carouse with his cat-mates. But, when he’s done with all that cattin’ ‘round, he’s back at my side, or on my lap, or up to mischief.

Oh, he’s no angel, in fact, he’s quite often a little devil. I swear, at times, he gets into trouble just to get my goat—to amuse me. He’ll look me in the eye while engaging in mischief as if to say, “pretty funny, huh? Bet you can’t do this!” And, yes, I believe cats have a sense of humor. They don’t smile much, but they convey amusement in their own feline-ish way. I believe cats’ level of consciousness is very close to that of humans, more so in some ways.

Here’s my best friend. I got him from the cat rescue I volunteer at when he was a kitten. He was the one hanging from the cage roof demanding I take him home. According to the vet, he’s a purebred Korat. Very cool cat!

Do you have a best friend who is not human?

Well, my Bestest Friend is my wife of nearly 50 years, but our cats, Bogie and Mickey, certainly come next. People who don’t have pets often don’t understand the bond that forms between humans and their pets. If you talk to your pets and expect them to understand you; if they respond to you and you understand what they are saying; if they bring joy into your life, and you into theirs, they are friends, albeit a different sort, not just furballs.

They say that dog is man’s best friend.

You want to know why?

They want to hang out with you all the time, but they’ll never share your secrets.

That’s a good buddy to have.

At the age of 65, I’m too old to have a best friend. My kitteh Ursala is not particularly affectionate nor is she interested in what I have to say. My horse Ariel is a good listener but I try to leave any issues at home. However my family of stuffed animals always listen and always have advice.

I tried this with Mrs. J.

She was not happy.

Maybe dropping her from a higher height would help?

Well, there’s two schools of thought, sir.

To me (aside from the nitpick “humans are animals”) trying to answer this question is kind of like asking “can your nutritional needs be filled with oranges, or can they only be filled with eggs?” I need protein, I need vitamin C, I’m not going to last long without either one of them. I can’t rank them.

I need human friends. Being somewhere way out on the introvert scale, I don’t need to see them very often; but I need to have them. I need a few close friends – I can’t rank them, I’m not going to say “F is my bestie and J is second” or the other way around. But if I don’t have at least a couple, I’m unhappy. Several is better.

And I need to have feline friends. Who I do need to see – and touch – very often. Dogs, or horses, or probably other species who I just haven’t known anybody of very well, can at least partly fill that same need. It’s not the same need as I have for human friends; but it isn’t any less important. I’m not going to rank them relative to each other, either.

Although I choose to be surrounded and ever-accompanied by animals (horses, dogs, goats, chickens, at the moment), I do not compare them to nor do they substitute for human relationships. They are different connections.

My best human friends are my husband and daughter … I haven’t had a One Best Friend since I was a teenager. I just have good friends who are all different from each other.

Let’s just say we’re all in the animal kingdom. Unless, of course, you’re a plant, fungi, protista, or monera…(not that there’s anything wrong with that).

But, which one do you prefer, oranges, or eggs? If you were on a deserted island with enough food to meet your nutritional needs, but you could only add eggs or oranges to the food-stock, which would you choose? That would be your bestie food.

I don’t, and I’m not an introvert. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who famously said, “friends smell like surströmming.” Those are sage words. Words to live by.

My social needs are adequately met with family (‘cause you’ve kinda got to socialize with them), acquaintances and strangers. The good thing about acquaintances and strangers is that they don’t hit you up for money, or ask you to attend tractor pulls or the opera.

I’ve always had cats, and usually had friends, and sometimes had a best friend. Now, I have few human friends and no human best friend at all. But, I have a cat who I consider my best friend, and that’s just fine by me. I assume it’s just fine by him, too…or he would have assaulted me with a barrage of skippity-paps by now. Having a cat best friend certainly hasn’t caused any ill effects in me whatsoever.

…now, excuse me while I use the litter-box.

I don’t prefer one over the other. I may at a given moment, depending on what mood I’m in and what else I’ve eaten that day or am eating at that moment; but I don’t, in general, prefer one over the other. I often eat both at breakfast.

That would depend on what the rest of the food stock was, and what cooking techniques, if any, were available.

People vary. I love some of my family members, but I don’t fit well with them. I do want to know them, but they don’t satisfy my need for human friends.

If that’s what works for you, then that’s what works for you. I understood the OP as asking what worked for other people; I may have misunderstood that.

Just striving for clarification.

To the question, is your best friend an animal?, based on your posts, your answer appears to be no. Is this correct?

You also appear to have both human friends and animal friends, though you consider them different sorts of friends. Is this correct?

You also appear to have neither a human best friend nor an animal best friend. They are all just friends, with no hierarchy attached. Is this correct?

If any of the above is incorrect, please clarify. Otherwise, you have fulfilled the requirements of this thread. Congratulations.

I think we hear each other fine—clear and plain and coming through fine. It’s great to be fine. We just can’t do something silly.

My answer is “not applicable”, or “not answerable”, or something of that sort.


There is no precise hierarchy, and no single “best friend”. Some of them are closer than others; but there are several of both who I consider quite close and also equally as close as each other.

Why not? Silly is often good.

Not when silly is thermonuclear war.

Yes, because my human friends can’t stand me any more.

Hopefully your animal friends don’t come to the same conclusion.

J/K :cat:

That’s not silly at all. What do you mean by the word?

Well…he went and did a silly thing. It’s a gag from the link I posted upthread.

Ah. I didn’t catch the reference. And I didn’t notice, or didn’t click on, the link upthread. I often skip links, if the post makes sense to me without them, and especially if they go to videos.

If you’ve never watched Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, you should. It is my favorite black comedy, by my favorite director (Kubrick).