Is your child smarter than average? More attractive?

This should be fun.

Which child? My answers are different!

Yeah, really. I have three kids. Should I just check all the boxes, so I include the smart one, the dumb one, the pretty one, the ugly one, and the one that everyone always forgets about?

My child, now dead, had an IQ in the high 140s. He lived in LA and was often (Once a week or more) stopped on the street by tourists asking who he was.
He was tall, broody looking, with long wavy hair.
I don’t have a digital picture of him on my computer, but I’ll see if I can find one on disk somewhere.

start nasal condesending tone/* MY children are all smarter and better looking than average.
/*end nasal condesending tone

I’m not surprised by these results at all. In fact, it’s making me chuckle.

Well, seeing as she’s only 14 months old, it’s hard to tell how smart she is. I think pretty much every kid this age is a total meathead, for the most part. I said average because she says as many words as the pediatrician said she should (actually on the high end of that, but still within the norm), and she understands plenty of words she can’t say.

But she’s totally stinkin’ cute. That picture is from November–I’ll update the thread with her newest school pictures when I get them later this week to show that she’s gotten even cuter.

My wife is a school psychologist and has “practiced” her assessment tests on our daughter, so I am pretty sure about the intelligence thing.

I went average on the attractiveness rating. She is only almost 4 and I think it is a bit hard to guage “attractiveness” at that age. Sure she is cute, but so are most little girls her age. They haven’t had time to develop the big noses, etc, that will spoil their looks later on.

Who would’ve thought? Apparently your child is more than 4 times as likely to be smart than average. Crazy world!

Third-party confirmation here; that child is, in fact, totally stinkin’ cute.

With 13 whole people having voted! I hope you keep checking back in to provide minute-by-minute updates on the current statistical trends in this highly scientific poll.

Intelligence is hard to rate right now as they are 1 and 2. But they are progressing averagely for their age and figure many things out on their own, so I said ‘average’.

However my boys are beautiful. Of course, I think so, but I get stopped in stores and restaurants all the time by people wanting to admire the boys. The oldest one is charismatic in addition to attractive, he has almond shaped eyes colored greenish-brown with dark dark long lashes. His hair is perfect golden brown. He makes friends everywhere, as evidenced by the candy/whatever I take home from people at the bank, grocery store, office, whatever. This is an everyday thing. There are days we’re in crappy moods and don’t want to take Leo out because we’re not up to the 6million conversations about how adorable and friendly he is and how I should see about getting him in commercials!

My youngest is smiley, sweet, with HUGE bright blue eyes framed by long brown lashes. His hair is a perfect flaxen blond. He looks like one of those porcelain dolls. His skin is very pale and perfect. Really, my boys are perfect. Of course I think so, but I have gotten enough feedback to be able to determine that they are compelling to some of the outer world as well. this is a graphic a friend from another board made for me, and it shows perfectly the qualities about them that makes them so special.

I’m going to hate when they are teenagers.

Sophie’s IQ is 124 tested. How that fits in the average, I don’t know.

Here is a picture of her at a Doctor Who fan event, dressed up as Rose Tyler. Here she is dressed up as The Doctor.

I, of course, think she’s beautiful. I also think that this is her most awkward-looking age* - one year for Halloween we dressed her up as “Best Actress”, in a black dress and her hair pinned back, and the child was just lovely.

Regardless, she’s a completely cool kid, a sort that really didn’t exist when I was growing up - the Geek Beauty.

*She doesn’t want to do anything with her hair. I tell her that I can’t wait for the day when she discovers boys, and will be running a brush through it 24/7. She replies by sticking her tongue out at me.

She is a lovely little girl. She’s got gorgeous blue eyes.

I will, indeed! I’m calling up the Arizona Republic right now to see if I can get a front page story!

[She does, doesn’t she?](Login to Meetup | Meetup) :slight_smile:

<Courtesy of her mom, of course.>

No idea on our lad - He’s our first and before he came along I’d barely interacted with children, never even held a baby. So I don’t really know what average means for 2 year olds.

I have a nephew who does seem advanced. He’s 2 and a half and has an extremely wide vocabulary and sentence structure with very clear speech. There’s kids at our lads nursery that age who are still not forming basic words. What strikes me as unusual, though, is how musical he is. From as soon as he could talk, he would sing nursery lines, moreorless in tune. He’s now at the stage where he sings the chorus of current pop songs on his own, in tune. I’ve little experience of kids, but this seems quite advanced for a toddler.

I believe 100 is considered average.

Yes, but in her school all the kids are above average. :wink:

Sophie as Martha Jones.

Of course we all think our kids are beautiful and brilliant, that’s what parenthood is FOR. So somebody thinks you’re beautiful and brilliant no matter what.

My 9yo is cute, I think fairly average-plus. Definitely awkward but so are they all. She has gorgeous hair, shampoo commercial hair. Which she doesn’t brush enough. :smiley: She is bright, but not profoundly gifted or anything. Just reasonably bright.

7yo is hilarious. She is sort of gnomish-looking but adorable at the same time. She has a lot of tangly red hair that is both out of control and beautiful. She is a born geek, she just radiates geekiness. Cutely. She is also reasonably bright.

Neither kid has ever been tested but ~130 IQ would be my guess. OTOH, neither of them is terribly good at physical stuff–they like to run around and have dance/ martial arts classes but they’ll never win any prizes for athleticism or grace.

Here they are, the photo is from last year and they both wear glasses much of the time.