Is Your House Haunted? Mine Is...

My sister’s father (we have different dads) passed away a few years back due to a heroin overdose. Prior to his death, he was a very viscious (sp?) man as the drugs had taken over. Before he starting using, he was a very kind, generous, and loving father to my sister. His death was very sudden and unexpected. I think he has come back to tell my sister that he is sorry for how he treated her.

How do I know this? Well for starters, my sister and her friend saw “him” soon after his death in my sister’s bedroom. My sister and her friend were in the livingroom when all of a sudden our pet birds started freaking out. The smoke detector then went off. My sister and her friend then went down the hall to turn off the smoke detector, as nothing was burning. She saw him laying in her bed. They then ran to a neighbor’s house, as they were alone at the time. When I came home, the smell of men’s cologne - his cologne, specifically - was in every room of the house. I live only with my mom and sister, so there would have been no way for men’s cologne to have gotten in the house.

I brushed it off as my sister trying to get attention. Then other things started happening…

I was sleeping in the livingroom one night, on the floor. I woke up to find the TV moved out from the wall at a very odd but large angle. I am a super light sleeper and someone moving the Tv would have made a lot of noise (the stand is very old and creaky.

On more than one occasion, I have lost something and gone looking for it all over the house. Then I would turn around for maybe a minute or two to do something. Upon turning back around, there it is, right in the middle of the floor. No one knew that I was looking for the object, so no one else could have placed it there.

My sister has had hair clips thrown at her, too, although I can’t vouch for that as I wasn’t there.
Anyone else have similarly creepy stories to share? True stories only please.

The general question here is…???

BTW - I don’t think you will find too many dopers actually believe in ghosts. I am not say none will, but I don’t think very many do… Call it a hunch :slight_smile:

Hey, I am of a sound mind, used to work for the U.S. Government (had to pass their rigorous psychological analysis and passed with flying colors). I have a million stories of weird things that happen and could probably scare the living crap out of you. I also have a few explanations. I could even offer some suggestions.


a) How rigorous?
b) I’d like to hear these stories, explanations and suggestions.

i live in an old part of edinburgh scotland.the house was build in 1765.history has it that it was an old jail house
then a toll booth,then a refuge for plague carriers (to isolate them from the healthy).a lot of pain and suffering
has occured here,my mum wont come past the front door because she senses things. we cant keep any pets dogs or cats wont enter the building,goldfish guinae pigs and the like die within family who stay in the house dont feel anything except when we go into the cellar of the house. who knows eh?

I heard that story before, but the way I heard it, the guy had the hook on his foot.

Seriously though, if your house is haunted, prove it. I think James Randi will write you a check for $1000000 for proof of the supernatural. Until you prove it, feel free to swap ghost stories all you want. Just don’t do it in General Questions please.

I think we all know where this thread is going.

Here’s one that happened to me that I’ve never been able to explain.

When I was in high school I worked at a small local grocery store. One night after the store had closed and we’d finished mopping the floors and such, the three of us still in the store (me, the assistant manager, and another stock boy) gathered by a video game at the front of the store intending to play a few games before leaving for the night.

Unfortunately the game wasn’t working - it looked like the vertical hold was screwed up. The assistant manager had the keys to open it up, so he and I were crouched down in back of the machine staring at the guts of the thing looking for some know we could twist or something. The other stock boy was standing at the front of the machine so he could watch the screen and tell us if anything we did had an effect on the display.

Now there are only the three of us in the store, and there had only been the three of us for probably an hour as we did the nightly cleanup tasks. All the doors to the store were locked as well, and had been for some time.

So as I’m kneeling in back of the video game, out of the corner of my eye I see someone walk across the front of the store toward the door! I immediately stood up, and the assistant manager did as well. No one was there, and I decided I must have hallucinated the whole thing and resolved to just keep my mouth shut. I turned at looked at the assistant manager, and he was pale white with eyes the size of dinner plates. He turned to me and said “Did you just see somebody walk across the front of the store?”.

It freaked us both out. There wasn’t anybody else in the store - the doors had been locked for about an hour, and we’d been through the whole store cleaning. And even if someone had managed to hide in the store during that time, there was no way for them to get out - all the doors were still locked.

So I don’t know. If it had only been me I’d have written it off as a brain fart or a trick of the light, or something. In fact if I’d even said something to the assistant manager first I’d not put much stock in the whole thing, because maybe I’d planted the idea in his head. But he saw it - and he didn’t just see something, he saw a man walking across the front of the store, just like I did. It still gives me the creeps a little bit even today.

I was talking with my family a couple of days ago, and I mentioned that I thought a lot of people who work in hospitals would have ghost stories. Are there any hospital workers out there who have haunted hospital stories?
(BTW, Star, I’ve heard people talk about seeing a dead parent or relative just as they died, too. Creepy.)

I was expecting some skeptics, but geez. You don’t have to be all mean about it. :frowning:

There are so many things in life that just can’t be explained. The fact is that no one knows what happens to a person after they die. No one has died and then come back to life (except for Jesus for the religious types).

Now that that’s been said…

Keep the stories coming guys. I love hearing them.

Star Light Star Bright, if you do have an entity from The Other Side inhabiting your home, either you’re in it pretty deep or it’s something that you’re going to learn to live with (you’ll have to); depending on what kind of entity you’ve got. The fact that your sister has had hair clips thrown at her gives me pause, but more on that in a sec. First, some preliminary investigation is in order.

You’ll need to determine whether your entity is malevolent or simply making its presence known. The three signs of a malevolent entity are:
[li]desecration of religious symbols[/li][li]inexplicable, penetrating cold[/li][li]indescribably foul smells[/li][/ul]

Any two of those things in combination and you’ve got some serious shit happening. Have you had any crosses turn up upside-down lately? A painting of Jesus (or the Virgin Mary or Buddha or whatever) defaced? A sudden 20-degree drop in temperature when you enter a room? If so, I can make some recommendations, but let’s hope we don’t have to go there.

The fact that stuff has turned up missing, things have been moved about, and your sister has had hair clips thrown at her suggests a poltergeist. Poltergeists generally center around a person rather than a place (e.g., a house). That this entity seems drawn to your sister is a classic poltergeist sign. It doesn’t seem like her father is back to tell her he’s sorry; if he’s really back it sounds like he just wants to cause her more trouble. Is your sister still an adolescent? I’ve read a lot of literature suggesting that poltergeists are drawn to adolescent girls. Weird, I know. Either way, poltergeists can be buggers to get rid of. I wouldn’t walk around the house telling it to buzz off; that would just egg it on and make matters worse. I suggest your sister address “it” and tell him that if he’s really sorry, she accepts his apology and that it’s time for him to move on. Hopefully that will do the trick. If it doesn’t, it may be time to call in the professionals. Give me an “e” and I’ll give some e-mail addresses.

And to answer to OP; no, my house isn’t haunted and I’ve never seen a ghost. Well, there was the one time I saw the Hornet Spook Light ouside of Joplin, MO, but it certainly wasn’t (and isn’t) yer classic “ghost.”

Why do you say that, Bernse?

I happen to believe that there are things that we call ghosts. I lived in a very weird house once, where very weird things happened. I’m not sure if I posted this to another thread a few weeks back, but I actually stood in my loungeroom and watched the window LIFT itself one day (moving out day!), and was happy to see that there wasn’t a person on the other end, because ghosts seemed less scary than people by that point. We’d had the police up to the house so many times because when we were alone in the house, there would be strange noises - people walking around, the window opening, the works. One night I heard a party outside that didn’t exist. It stopped just minutes before the police arrived. Now, I’ve never seen a ghost, and don’t know if that’s what was causing the events in that house, but I do know that something there was going on, and that it wasn’t people. I know that all the dogs we ever had at that house would snarl at nothing out of the blue - heckles and all! I know that at least the next two tenants had experiences with odd things in the house, and I know that the neighbors on one side were freaked out by what they saw and heard. I know that one night we were so afraid that we left in a hurry, and the telephone (with a long cord) was left sitting next to the window, and when we returned it was sitting on the heater like normal. That was scary. But for the most part, we thought people were breaking in and terrorising us. The last tenants were really rough people, and were forced out by the landlord (who told us all about them), and we thought it was them. We got a summons for one of them and opened it, and it was for killing a dog. We had one of them show up one day asking if he could come in and see if he’d left anything behind when he moved out (we assured him the house was empty when we moved in, and put him on his way). It was natural to assume at first that those people were behind what was going on, but seeing that window clinched the fact that it wasn’t people.

A few years ago, NPR carried the story of a young Yuppie couple, who purchased an old house (ca 1700) in Nyack, NY. They bought the house, then heard stories that the house was haunted 9supposedly by the ghost of a Revolutionary war General). Anyway, they were concerned about their ability to resell the house (given the stories about the haunting). Anyway, they sued the sellears, and the judge ruled that the sellars had to take the house back. My question: does such a judicial ruling require that there ACTUALLY MUST BE PROOF that the house was haunted?
Second: in many stories of hauntted houses, the (ghosts) are said to be oblivious of the people-so why do they hang around for so many centuries?

I can’t give definative proof one way or the other. Although, I did have a series of events happen that I can’t explain. It all took place at my apartment in college.

I shared the apartment with two friends I had known forever. We had gone to a friend’s place to watch the AL vs. Miami Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day, 1992 (I think that’s the year). We came back and in the middle of our living room had been placed a table, a folding chair set up on top of the table, watches placed around the back supports for the chair, and a copy of King Lear with a pair of scissors through it on the chair. We just wrote this off to the previous residents (whom we knew) keeping a key, coming in, and doing this to screw with us. We asked them and they denied it, but I still have my doubts.

We had the landlord change the locks and didn’t think too much about it. Then, a month or so later, my alarm clock didn’t go off and I woke up late for class. I picked it up (it was a cube shaped clock radio) and it was filled with water. It was like someone had dunked it in a bucket, but the surrounding night stand wasn’t wet at all. It sat right next to my bed and I asked my roommates if they knew of anything (I can’t think of any reason anyone would do this) and they said they didn’t. I got a new alarm and didn’t worry too much about it.

Another month or so goes by. I come back from class and find our phone sitting on the coffee table with a note saying “What the hell happened here? - Dave” Dave was one of my roommates. Turns out that our phone had suffered the same fate that my radio had come to. The phone was still pretty wet and Dave said that when he woke up and went to use it (about 10am) it was filled with water. Now, our phone sat between the bedrooms, on the floor, far from the kitchen or bathroom. Chris (my other roommate), Dave, and I all said we had nothing to do with it. As with the radio, what reason would we have? To this day we have no idea what happened.

The first incident we can probably chalk up to a prank, but I’m not positive. The last two, I have no explaination at all. Makes for a hell of a story at parties and such.

Well, there is a light in my house that keep coming on after we’ve turned it off. I used to think I was turning it on in my sleep (sleepwalking) when I went to check on the baby. But lately it has been happening before we go to bed when neither my husband and I have been up to the room since exiting it.

However, rather than think there is something supernatural going on, I think there is something wrong with the spring on the switch. I think it snaps itself back on sometimes.

Every once in a while I start to wonder… but I gotta go with the spring theory. It would unnerve me to think some spirit was stalking around in Cranky Jr.s bedroom.

The question of whether or not the house was haunted amounts to nothing. The problem was the stories about the house being haunted affected the ability to resell. People couldn’t know for sure that the house was haunted, but hearing that it was might be enough to turn them off buying it. They would actually have to live in the house to know if it was haunted or not, and if they wouldn’t buy the house in the first place, how would they know the truth of the matter?

Rastahomie, I still believe that it is my sister’s father that is there and not a poltergeist or some other malevolent spirit. Reason being that she actually saw him.
He has never done anything harmful, just silly little things to let us know he’s there. He’s moved things when we turn around. He’s found things too, like I said in my OP.

I also have an aunt that was very close to me. She passed from illness in 1991. Soon after her death, I was talking to a friend online about her and got quite upset. All of a sudden, a wooden rose fell out of a vase we had on the top of our china closet behind me. The vase was rather tall and only about 2 inches of the rose stuck out over the top of it. There was no way for that rose to have just fallen out. It had to have been picked up and taken out of it.

There was also another young man who lived int he apartment prior to my family who died there. They say it was a heart attack, but rumor has it that it was a drug overdose.

So I’ve got the possibility of three spirits in my apartment. I live in a dorm at college now. It may sound kinda weird, but I actually miss the strange happenings…

“…poltergeists are drawn to adolescent girls.”

Hey, aren’t we all? Oh, urm, perhaps I’ve said too much.

“Poltergeists generally center around a person rather than a place…”

I think there’s definitely something to this statement, but for non-supernatural reasons.

Check out this article on the true story “The Exorcist” was based on. It’s part entertaining, part enlightening as to poltergeist phenomena.

As for my spooky story, I was home alone one night, and it was pretty late, perhaps one or two AM. My family was out of town. I was in my bedroom, and I heard someone or something in the house. I grabbed a machete (we all have one at our bedside, don’t we?) and crept out of my room. I went from door to door down the hall, scanning each room, methodically sweeping the house to make sure nothing could get behind me. I left all the lights on as I went, of course. When I came to the end of the hall, I had a choice, either go to the right and check the living room, or left and check the family room and kitchen. I went left and checked the rooms, looking over my shoulder all the while, trying to make sure nothing was sneaking past me from the living room. I didn’t find anything, and tried to tell myself I was just being paranoid…and then saw at the end of the hall that someone had turned the light in my bedroom off. It was really hard to convince myself that I was being paranoid then. I crept back to my room…and discovered that the lightbulb had burned out. Yeesh.

Another time, I had a jacket on a coatrack, and it had a snap-close hood that I put a soccerball in, with the black spots looking like big, staring eyes. Even knowing it was there, every time I saw it in the half dark it scared the living bejeezus out of me. I have no idea why I do these things to myself. But it goes to show that something only barely human-like can be misinterpreted for an actual presence.

My wife’s late father owned a farm in rural N.E. Brazil. On the land was an old house, that had not been lived in for many years. Anyway, the family moved in to the house (they had 13 children!). Shortly thereafter, the children began to be woken up by knocking and tapping noises against the windows and walls. This continued, and finally the family was concerned enough to consult the local priest. She was not clear about what if anything the priest attempted to do, but after a year, the family had had enough-they moved out to another house. After this, no one would live in the house, and it was abandoned to fall into ruin.

Sometimes when I get up in the middle of the night, I find lights on all over the house. Stuff will have been pulled off the shelves, things are scattered all over the place, there’ll be food spilled on the floor and all over the counters…
wait… that’s the teenagers. Never mind.