Is Your iPod a fake? Would it matter to you?

(And what about your True Religions?)

Fake iPods are commonly smuggled items at the port:

Sure, a lot other devices do the exact same thing–and did so long before the iPod came around–so isn’t the only important thing that it’s shiny and people think that Apple made it?

I bought my iPhone directly from AT&T, so I’m pretty darned sure it’s real. I would question how well a counterfeit iPod/iPhone would work with iTunes, at the very least, so it’d definitely bother me. I’ve owned other MP3 players before, so I know that other things play music just fine.

If I’d buy something name-brand I’d want it to actually be that brand, because for whatever reason - perceived quality, liking the company’s policies, whatever - I probably intentionally set out to get that brand. For example, MAC Cosmetics doesn’t do animal testing, and donates a lot of money to groups that help people with AIDS. I also like the quality of their products. I wouldn’t want to unwittingly buy some of their stuff that wasn’t the real thing.

Yes, it would matter to me.
Apple cares about it’s reputation. Joe’s Discount Tire and Counterfeit Electronics doesn’t care, for either it’s or Apple’s reputation.
There is a very good chance that an Ipod ripoff would have problems with the hardware, the software or both.

Do the fake iPods actually work in the same way as real ones? Not that this makes a difference to the moral/ethical side of the question, but all the fake iPods I’ve seen were only iPod-like in a superficial sense. I don’t think they would connect to iTunes, integrate with the Apple Store, execute apps, etc. in the same way as the real thing - in which case, it would matter to someone who was expecting the device to function in exactly the way a genuine one does.

I’m sure nobody buys a fake iPod expecting it to be fake, it’s going to fetch a higher price because of the branding and be passable for about 20 minutes until the buyer realizes and has no recourse.

It would matter to everyone.

Fake handbags just have to be good enough to pass on the street to be useful. Even the ones that are ripping off the real designers still, y’know, hold stuff, even if the stitching is a bit ugly and they don’t last as long.

Fake electronics are totally different. The are clearly broken and faulty, and generally only look good enough to get the mark to part with his money. There’s no way someone has a fake iPhone/iPod and doesn’t know it, unless, I guess, they paid $10 for it as a novelty item and knew it would never work like the real thing.

Fake iPhone video. It’s clearly a piece of junk.

I’d never buy a fake iPod knowingly, both because I’d be unsure about its usefulness and because I don’t want to support that kind of black-market activity. But if someone today noted that my iPod, which has worked well for the last four years, was a fake, I don’t think I’d care much.

…knowing who the manufacturer is if you need to repair or replace it…

That’s actually much better than I expected. I expected it to turn on, show the screen, and not do anything. IT seems more like they stole the plans and replaced everything with the cheapest part that they could, and threw in a bunch of extra accessories so that the person would be less likely to report the fake.

I have one of the red ipods, with engraving from Apple itself so I am pretty sure it isn’t a fake =)

I would be very upset to have bought an ipod in good faith and ended up with a fake. I do not wish to have a fake, I think that forgery is bad.

The ethical element would rule it out for me (if I knew). I would also worry that it wouldn’t work as well. I’m a huge fan of Apple anyway (SDMB sure looks good on their Mac display).

Wow, that looks terrible.

As to the OP, yes, it would matter to me. The reason I use Apple products primarily is simple because I prefer the way their products work, their outstanding customer service, and their clean design. That’s it. From what I see in the product linked in the video, I’d get none of that.

Leaving ethics aside, if the question is would I use an iPhone/iPod/iPad if, all things beings exactly equal, the only difference is whether an Apple logo appears on the back then, well, of course I would.