Is your truck/SUV really that delicate?

Look, you’ve got a vehicle that can easily go off the fucking pavement. If you really have to slow to a near stop and then sloooowly creeeep over a six inch high speed bump you need to get rid of the damn vehicle.

If you can’t drive it park it!

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This one was done 2 months ago. For two pages. :rolleyes:

I didn’t even think to search first.:smack:

I never can remember which is considered worse around here:

  1. Starting another thread about a topic that has been done already.

  2. Reopening a zombie thread.

  3. Hi Opel!


It’s actually secret #4: misspelling things.

If we didn’t do #1, the board would cease to function at all. Re-opening a zombie is ok if you can add to it, otherwise a link is all that is needed. Does Opel even make cars anymore?


In my experience, those idiots usually can’t park those things very well either. The front end of my low-slung Porsche can attest to that.

Maybe I didn’t want to spill my latte, you ever think of that?

Or get mascara in your eye.

Or ruin my front end alignment.

I didn’t know Opel made SUVs…

I drive an SUV, and it isn’t that delicate.

To answer your question, many SUV’s have a bit stiffer suspension and it tends to bounce the cabin around more.

Same thing with pickups or larger trucks.

Oh, and the thing about speed bumps? They are put there to get people to slow down.

Go figure.

Yeah, and I didn’t want to spill my coffee.

Hey! Do a Google image search for “Opel SUV”. There are a lot of them!

  1. Of course you slow down from normal speed to go over the bump, but far to many people (around here anyway) actually nearly come to a stop fiirst.

  2. I drive a full size truck and it’s smoother to go over the bump at 25 to 30 mph rather than slow to 10 or 15 mph.

  3. My apologies to Opal.

You see this is why I want a Subaru STi, or some other rally-car. Take the damn speed bump at 100km/h - take that mall administrators!

Then there is the drive on the lawn option. You see that around here.

I almost rear-ended a guy last week in a little piece of shit car who almost came to a stop going over two sets of tracks that I wouldn’t even have slowed down for. I cussed at him mightily but then saw the reason for his actions. Apparently he didn’t want to add any more cracks to his shattered windshield.

You’re such a dumbass! As long as I don’t spill my latte.

Sorry, I was changing the DVD for my kid.

Slowing down for speed bumps is a sign of weakness.