Isd there any point in buying the PLUS version of...

…Windows Media Player or Dell Juke Box or whatever else plays music in a computer?

Are there substantive benefits to the PLUSses?

I like Rag, Dixie and “Classical” music. I don’t want to buy any stuff with one of those software products. (I prefer to buy CDs etc from Amazon.) But I sure like to get free midi files of piano pieces - by Mozart and those guys.

So, with that in mind which PLUS —if any— should I get?

This will be bumped to IMHO.

I can’t imagine paying for any media player, unless by Plus version, they mean access to a streaming music service. If you like the Napster/Yahoo/Real version of paying a little to have a lot of music choice, IF you have the right portable player so you can play the songs away from your computer. Oh, and you can’t burn CDs.

I can’t find mention of a WMP premium version. Real has Super Pass, for $15 a month, but I can’t see getting it. I’m so rarely find online video that needs it that I don’t care. I already have so many online radio stations through iTunes and Winamp’s connection to Shoutcast radio stations that again SP isn’t attractive. I see they’re throwing in some low-level photo editing and 10 free 4x6 photo prints a month. I personally don’t care, you might. I also don’t care about getting their games or their iFilm streams.

OTOH, you might consider this all to be only costing you $5, as apparently you also get $10 worth of song downloads a month. Hmm, if that’s true, it’s not such a bad deal.

I’ve never met anyone with Dell Jukebox. I’ve barely heard of it.

It’s DELL Jukebox by MusicMatch Jukebox. I kind of prefer it over Windows Media Player. It’s simpler.

It’s famous here in Dogpatch.

And along with MusicMatch you also are treated - at no extra cost - to ShellCon Hiiden Window - which if you delete, will also cause MusicMatch to delete.

You don’t get to know this high tech stuff unless you’re a Dogpatch resident.