Island in Allstate Commercial

The island that they show at the end, is it real, and if so, where is it? I’ve always wondered about it, since it looks so nice and calm in terms of a place to live. I assume that the main character’s drive and stops might not really be on that actual island.

Click on the word YouTube to watch the video on YouTube and the very first comment says, “This was filmed on Ona and Husøy in Norway. Two small islands connected by the bridge you can see in the commercial.”

Ona, Norway

Do they have Allstate in Norway?

Does everybody speak English in Norway? Do stores have English signs in Norway?

It’s funny — I thought the guy’s house, inside and out, looked Scandinavian. But when he pulled up to buy the fish, I thought, “OK, that could be New England.”

Just like with the SATs, always go with your first thought.

And it doesn’t quite look like the island at the end of the commercial. They’ve airbrushed out all the other islands nearby.

Yes to the first and no more than any other European country to the second.

Surprisingly, yes, in the touristy areas. English is pretty common in Norway.

  1. Seems silly to own a car there at all.
  2. Highly irresponsible to leave the stove on when leaving the house.
  3. Just stupid anyway.

True. But it’s about the most polite way for them to advertise what they really mean:

Are you old & rarely drive any more? Are you a shut-in due to COVID? We have really cheap insurance designed just for you. Oh, and look at the pretty tranquil island. Sorta the opposite of all the stress you associate with dealing the insurance industry you hate.

In that sense, the ad’s genius.


(Filler characters.)

At the beginning, you get a glimpse of a woman, who is presumably at home for the duration of his trip.

It might be the least stupid auto insurance ad in history. Seriously, I’m trying to think of one less stupid, and I can’t.

I’d riff on this, but get banned in this climate.

OK, my [rhetorical] questions were answers to Just_Asking_Questions’s question, “Do they have Allstate in Norway?” My point was that, while the ad was shot in Norway, it’s supposed to be North America; all the signs are in English and the people all speak unaccented English.

This is the Google street view of the “Bakery shot” in the video. As you can see it’s not even a store in reality, at least not an all-season one with a permanent sign.

The only other sign I noticed, for fresh fish, is presumably also just a prop.

Thanks for this. I had a nice visit.