Isn't it about time Seattle had a Dopefest?

I’ve read that a number of other cities has had dopefests. Has Seattle ever had a Dopefest? If not, isn’t about time we had a Dopefest?

Seattle has had Dopefests. One is being planned at the Folklife Festival (I think). There’s a thread, but I’m not sure how to link to it and besides, the hampster is tired and slow. Look for the one that has PNW (Pacific Northwest) in the title.

You are welcome to come to the one we are planning in Portland. C’mon, it’s not that far, and we’re fun.

Okay, it’s the Fremont Fair, not folklife. I’m trying to get these two threads in close proximity for you ('cuz it’s late, and I’m very strange–but helpful in a somewhat imcompetent way).