Isn't it funny?

“Peers” and “Peeps” mean the same thing. Twice?

I’m doubled over in paroxysms of laughter here. No, really!


Wow, that’s pretty cool. I wonder if there are any other word pairs with two different sets of meanings.

You mean I can eat my peers at Easter time?

My late friend Michael told me how he was being walked through Times Square by his Mom when he was five or six and saw a marquee on 42nd Street for Peepland. “Mommy, let’s go in there, I wanna see all the peeps!

Except I don’t agree that “peers” (those roughly the same age, education, and social status as me) means the same thing as “peeps” (friends).

Sorry to be a party pooper. :frowning:

Isn’t ‘peeps’ just short for ‘people’?

Fine, be that way. :slight_smile: But “I’m destined to live the dream for all my peeps who never made it” seems unlikely to include Granny or even mom & dad. Unless all/some of them were gang bangers, and thus peers. Which is always possible.

Yes, but the connotation is “friends.” Isn’t it? Or maybe there’s a broader usage that I’m not aware of: I’ve never heard it used like “check out those peeps over there,” only like “I emailed my peeps and we met up at the bar.”

I think you are being a bit of a party pooper. I mean, “peer” as in “strive to see something” and “peep” as in “surreptitiously glimpse” are not exact synonyms either. But they’re also similar in meaning, and hats off to the OP for spotting it.

As I acknowledged…

I never said the words had to be exact synonyms; it’s just that, IME, the definitions of “peers” and “peeps” that I mentioned aren’t even close to being synonyms. Your definitions can both be summed up as “looks at,” but the others are like comparing “mankind” and “family.” Again, IME/IMHO.

Misnomer, why do you hate America?

I went to the Urban Dictionary for the first time in my life (hope you’re happy), and they seem to have a fairly broad definition.

Continuing the OP rather than the argument about it, did you know you can spell turn with the letters from revolution? It has a synonym inside itself. Funny to me, anyway.

I think you’ll fine a few of these, especially when you look at noun/verb pairs, eg:

Place vs. Position

Place something somewhere.
Position something somewhere.

Go to a place.
Go to a position.

Heh. :slight_smile:

There are no synonyms for peeps except microwavable hilarity. But I have to agree, this is pretty funny.

There’s no “me” in “team.”

“Friends” is only connoted by “my peeps”, which is also connoted by “my people”. “Peeps” is, indeed, just short for “people”, and doesn’t carry any different meaning or connotation than just using “people”.

But you’d never refer to your granny or parent as “my people”.

My point (which is now gathering flies) was that I’d never heard “peeps” used without the implied “my,” therefore what it meant – to me – was not the same as the word it’s a shortened version of.