"Isn't it pretty to think so?"

The lil’wrekker minored in theatre. I tried to tell her jobs were scarce. So she studied english/ lit
Girl is a dynamo in Shakespeare.
She’ll teach. Eventually.

I still sometimes think about being a meteorologist. From about age 5 or 6, until age 17, I was set on being a television meteorologist. Then, at some point during my junior year of high school, I looked at the coursework requirements for a meteorology degree at the University of Wisconsin. “That is a helluva lot of high-level math and physics…maybe I’ll go into marketing.” :stuck_out_tongue:

How much math does it take to say it’s storming?
Look out the window.
@kenobi_65 I would believe you as the weather guy.

The one I watch is an alien come to suck out my brain out.

Not much math to say it; it takes the math (and physics) to understand the mathematical models that the Weather Service uses.

I predicted a tornado when I was 8 years old. We lived about 30 miles west of Chicago; I was watching the noon news, and the weatherman said that the wind in downtown Chicago was coming out of the northeast. I went outside, and the wind in my neighborhood was coming out of the southwest. I announced to my mother that, due to this, there would be a tornado. Later that afternoon, there was, indeed, a tornado warning issued for a few miles away, for a small funnel cloud. My mom was impressed. :smiley:

Hey, I’m impressed.
That is a cool thing to have happened.
My Baby was 8mos old when a big tornado came thru here. She had cried all afternoon.
The lil’wrekker still has ear problems when the weather is iffy.
I tell her all the time she missed her calling.

Flashback to my college days: Both the Theatre and English Departments had classes in Shakespeare. The English Department’s approach toward Shakespeare was that it was literature i.e. something to be read, whereas of course to the Theatre Department Shakespeare was something to be performed. Somehow I ended up taking both classes, and the English professor was very condescending whenever I dared to express an opinion that conflicted with his view of how Shakespeare should be interpreted.