"Isn't she a little young?" Billboards, matchbooks warn against sex with minors

Virginia is enlisting billboards, napkins, stickers, coasters and matchbooks to get out this message: “Isn’t she a little young? Sex with a minor. Don’t go there.”

I guess the perverts in Virginia need matchbooks to remind them…

Excerpts from the article:

Salon has a good article on this.

Coupla thoughts:

The billboard looks like the cover of a Chick tract. That ain’t good.

“Odor” is an unfortunate surname.

The age of consent in Virginia is eighteen? Mercy.

I wish states like this who like to waste money would just mail it to me.
Thank the gods that the age of consent (regarding sex at least) is 14 years old in Ontario (http://www.ageofconsent.com/canada.htm). It’s far easier to tell a 14 year old girl a part from an 18 year old one.

So I guess they should expand on this campaign.

“Why risk jail in Richmond when it’s quail season in Toronto?”

Guess their Virginia is for lovers campaign was a little too successful.

Once again the sexism that this topic inspires shines through. Are the ladies being warned against sleeping with under age boys? Is Michael Jackson?*

I’m sorry, it was there.

Actually, we got a few of these billboards down here earlier this year. Saw my first one when it was still snowing (so that made it, what, January?). The state then explained it as they had to spend the money - it was federal grant of some type.

And badmana, it’s not so easy to tell the 14 year olds from the 18 year olds down here. Must be something in the water.

You know, this came at the perfect time. I just got winked at by an 18 year old in response to my Love.com ad. Now I know - bad, bad, and wrong!

I kid - I knew before the ads. 18 - not!