Isn't the universe amazing??

After reading Roadwalker’s thread on his daughter, I became a bit reflective and I realized, as I’m sure many of you have (and some of you may have not), just what an amazing universe we live in. Not only that, but just on this single planet, on the stellar outskirts of a rather unremarkable galaxy, there are multitudes of amazing things transpiring. Think about it. At this very moment, any of the following things can be, and probably are, occurring:

(Take your time and pause between each one to reflect for just a moment)

Someone is mourning the passing of a loved one

Someone is celebrating the birth of a new life

An old relationship dies

A new relationship is kindled

Lovers quarrel

Lovers embrace

A personal failure is realized

A personal milestone is achieved
Literally, every possible experience that could happen in someone’s life is transpiring to someone, someplace, at any given moment on this terrestrial sphere. Though we often may feel alone, the realization that someone else is experiencing the exact same thing that you are can be something of a comfort. I know it is for me.

Please, if you feel compelled to do so, add your own realizations, or add to the list that I started.

Isn’t it amazing??

  • Dirk