Isn't the World supposed to end?

Isn’t the World supposed to end? Tomorrow? I seem to remember that 05/05/05 is a red letter (or red number) day for somebody. There was a book that, IIRC was called 05-05-2005, and I think it had a sort of Day After Tomorrow motif to it.

I do realize that this may be short notice to prepare for the end of the world, if in fact it is supposed to end tomorrow. Sorry.

:: lays down, places paper bag over head ::

Good news kids, you’re about five years too late. The date was May 5, 2000 and the reason was because of the planetary alignment or something. The book was called “5/5/2000 - Ice, the Ultimate Disaster”

Now, December 21, 2012 is another story…

The End Is Nigh! Repent!

Better not be. It’s my daughter’s 13th birthday, and I have all these plans…

I’m planning on meeting a bunch of Seattle area dopers on May 14th. The world better dang well not end until after then. I’m all psyched for this. If the world ends before then, I’ll be pissed off for all eternity and it ain’t pretty when I’m pissed off people.

It’s not the end of the world, it’s Cinco de Mayo!!

And Ascension Thursday too!

I guess I feel better.

Well its May 5th over here in Oz…nothing sus yet, but I shall be keeping my eyes open.

You never know with those ‘end of world’ types :stuck_out_tongue:

If the world ends tomorrow, does that mean I can skip painting the dining room?

I actually thought it was Dec 24th. Or maybe Dec 21, 2024.

It is in 2012. And don’t worry just because the Maya calendar is coming to an end. It should be pointed out that only the long count calendar is ending - the calendar round will continue on. Also, the Maya were not stupid - they would simply restart the long count calendar and possible add another number to let you know that it is on the second go around.

Crap. Guess I shouldn’t have blown the paycheck at the casino. :frowning:


It’s not the end of the world yet. We still have one Pope to go!

End of the World? Oh Man! That’s were I keep all my stuff.

May 05, 2005 - End of the World ???

Oh sure I get notified about this after I just paid for another year at the Straight Dope Message Board. :mad:

Well, to get my money’s worth maybe I can make a couple of hundred postings today and tomorrow (depending upon when the End of the World puts a stop to the whole thing).

I never could get the hang of Ascension Thursdays.

Well, would someone please let me know as soon as they find out. I’ve got to be somewhere at 10Am Eastern time and I’ve got absolutely nothing appropriate to wear. If I know the world’s going to end, then I’ll be a lot less stressed about it.
Thank you.

It IS my first ex-girlfriend’s birthday, but since I’m not with her anymore I don’t feel a sense of impending doom.