Israel wiping out the Negev Beduin?

According to Aljazeera

I can’t find any independant source for this news, but if it is true, I’ll have to withdraw my support for the Israeli government.

funny, when I was in Israel in the late 80s, I did a fair bit of touring in the desert, met a number of Bedouins, and was under the definite impression that they were primarily (though I won’t commit to saying “exclusively”) nomadic herders.

Crops and homes weren’t their bag.

Needless to say, Al-jazeera isn’t an unbiased source, either.

Here’s a detailed article in the Ha’aretz:

Let me be the first to call you a fucking anti-Semitic piece of shit for saying that. There will be nothing bad said about Israel or her rulers, under no circumstances - do you understand!?!?*

*Not to be taken seriously

It seems from the second article that there is a genuine problem, of the type very familiar to this Canadian - we have all sorts of unfair land-claims issues up here, where the government has been ripping off the First Nations for decades in a similar way, only worse (the Residence School scandal).

The first article seems, therefore, to be an exaggeration of a very real problem.

I don’t see that much exaggeratio, there has been a step-up in house demoltions and crops have been sprayed with herbicides.

Then I take that part back.

I know nothing of the situation other than what is posted here. Note the “it seems from the second article” part - that is, the one posted by you, which did not mention the crop spraying part.

A shameful way to treat the original inhabitants. Almost as bad as the way we North Americans are treating ours.