Israeli Dopers -- bad time to visit?

My wife and I were planning to visit Israel for Passover and are alarmed about the recent upsurge in hostilies. Unfortunately, the payment for the trip is due this week, so we need to decide fairly quickly if we are still going. I would be interested in hearing the opinions of Israelis about whether you would advise someone to travel to Israel at this time. Thanks for your input, and I hope that you are all safe and well.

Where in Israel are you planning to visit?

There is as yet insufficient data for a meaningful answer. A gazillion things could happen between now and Passover.

(Slightly relevant story: One of my kids chose to spend a year studying in a yeshiva in Israel, and left in the end of August 2001. My mother was very upset that I’d allow her grandson to spend such a long time in such a dangerous place. Two weeks later, my daily commute to work [via the World Trade Center] got seriously messed up. I suggested to my mother that he might be in a safer place than me.)

It’s a group tour, hitting the usual high points; Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Masada, Tsfat, etc. I assume that the guides would have the acumen to change the plans based on changing security concerns, which is somewhat reassuring.

Based on this I’d say you should probably be OK; especially since 3 months is an eternity in political terms here… by then I really think this particular round of violence will be over.
Also, most of Israel is completely safe right now, including almost any “must-see” tourist site (so, if things are still all pear-shaped in the South when your tour comes, the organizers and guides will just skip it.)
Please note also that, even if one were to visit the areas around Gaza right now (although I’m not advocating that,) their odds of getting hurt by a stray rocket are probably no worse than getting run over or mugged on a random street in NYC or another large city.