Israeli (pearl) couscous

I picked up a bag of toasted couscous at the ethnic food store this weekend because it looked interesting. It has no instructions on it, so I stuck one cup of it in my rice cooker with two cups of water. I dumped some garlic salt in there as well. It was good - a very creamy, but at the same time not, texture.

What are some good ways to prepare it?

If it’s that couscous that looks like buckshot (little spheres), they say you’re supposed to “toast” it a little – that is, spread it on a skillet (so pretty much all the spheres are touching the skillet surface) with just a dash of olive oil, on rather high heat, for a few minutes until it starts to smell toasty – before you cook it.

Others will come along soon with actual recipes, I hope.

The couscous pieces are about the size of lentils (I’ve never seen buckshot, so I can’t compare).

Are you supposed to actually brown it, or just get it smelling toasty?