Israelie etiquette question--Please help?

A dear friend has recently visited and brought two of my young nephews and one young niece each a talking Bobo doll (of the Uncle Haim and Bobo television show). He has also taught them several little songs from the show in the name of diversity. What is the appropriate cultural response (I don’t have access to nuclear material or flesh-eating bacteria)?

Shake their hand vigorously and without asking in order to display your thanks.


Oh, so now our opinion is of value?

Wow, this is the kind of thing you think about a dear friend? I’m sure he’d really appreciate the sentiment- make sure you write on the card that you would’ve preferred getting him nuclear materials or flesh-eating bacteria so he could fulfill his culture’s genocidal tendencies, but he’ll have to settle for this nice box of bacon-flavored chocolates instead.

Cute character. I’ll bet the kids are happy. Isn’t that what matters?

It’s none of your business, is it? I’m certain that your brother or sister and spouse can say, “Thank you,” with the best of them, whether it’s meant or not.

What’s your objection to the gift, OP? What’s wrong with teaching diversity? Of course the appropriate cultural response is to thank them sincerely.

“Israelis have the tendency of over doing with their gifts.”

I need to meet more Israelis.

Surely you could spare some of your vile racism? It’s never an appropriate or welcome gift, but you appear to have it stockpiled for almost every occasion.

This is not the appropriate forum for that. Keep it civil or take it elsewhere.

And that applies to all thread participants.

Why were these gifts or songs inappropriate?

I don’t understand the OP. Up until the last sentence it seems like a sincere (if rather dim) question. Then we get the vile comment about nukes and deadly bacteria:confused: Am I misunderstanding something? Why wouldn’t the OP have started this in the Pit? And when is a mod going to move it there so we can all give informed and heartfelt responses?

What is the Uncle Haim and Bobo TV show about? And what are the songs like?

Without knowing anything more, I would recommend saying “thank you” and then donate the dolls to a homeless shelter or something after your guest leaves. Replace the dolls with something you think is more appropriate if you like. I suppose it is like a pacifist family getting a toy gun or something like that.


From googling, it’s a basic Israeli kids TV show, with a smiling guy and a giant puppet who do silly things and make kids laugh. Which kind of makes the OP even more mysterious.

As apparently the Uncle Haim and Bobo show is in Hebrew and that’s the language the dolls speak in, I’m guessing ZPG Zealot is offended by that.

makes a note to NOT teach any nephews of ZPG Zealot to count in languages other than English, then starts humming bat, bi, iru, lau… (as a child, it was just a nonsense song to me; it’s only as an adult that I discovered it was the numbers in Basque)

I’m guessing this is what the OP is talking about? No Blues Clues, but he does have a slight Pee Wee Herman vibe.

Yes, he does look somewhat like a person you would expect to say "would you like a ride in my car and some candy?’ Perhaps that’s just me.

But I was afraid on some level that the linked commercial would wind up saying "see how Bobo’s nose points down? See what happens when I turn Bobo upside down? See how his nose points now?

Would you like to see something else that also points up…?"


“How kind of you! Thanks!”