Israel's TROPHY does this work exactly?

Here’s a video explaining a new defense technology called TROPHY that the IDF has commissioned for its Merkava series of tanks, among other vehicles.

I’m trying to understand how this system destroys these incoming threats from RPG’s and anti-tank missles, even doing so simultaneously from different directions. The detection and classification part I get…how is it destroying these things? A gun? Missile of its own? Sonic waves?

Or is that the big secret to this platform?

My guess is that sonic waves would be too slow to deal with the close-in threats.

Wikipedia says a “shot-gun like blast” from “rotating launchers”. So I guess a spray of projectiles get spewed out in the general direction of the threat.

I didn’t even think to check Wikipedia because I thought it might be too new or classified to provide any more info than the video did. My Dad emailed this to me, and the text of the email indicated that there are several countries interested in acquiring this technology but that Israel wants to keep it for herself.

And even if “shotgun type blasts” are used…how damn fast does this system have to respond to destroy an incoming projectile travelling as fast as they do? Wow.

RPGs and most anti-tank missiles are comparitively slow. Subsonic speed. I suspect the system has barrels/launchers on each of the vehicle to cover the anti-tank weapon approach. The idea of the blast would be to trigger the fuze and/or high explosives in the approaching warhead before impact with the armor.

The system would be unable to deal with hypersonic missies and projectiles. These weapons are kinetic kill types with no explosives. The projectiles are relatively small but long (20+ to 1 length over diameter ratio), dense (typically tungsten carbide alloy or depleted uranium), and traveling too fast for sensors to pickup. The heavy weight and resulting momentum is also difficult to deflect.

Note that most opposition forces to Israel would be armed with the former weapons rather than the hypersonic variety.

I’ve seen video (about a year ago, as I recall). The system has a (maybe several) rotating 4 sided turret, with the sides sloping. The whole side of the turret explodes, sending shrapnel into the path of the oncoming missile. Each side is a one-shot. There can also be fixed plates on other surfaces. It extends the active-armour concept to a longer range, with ball bearings. The radar stuff is fast and clever, too, but nothing special.


I wonder how hard they are to decoy. If it’s only one shot per side, could you trick it with a bottle rocket?

I have seen slow motion videos of Trophy in action. There was surprisingly little to see.

It seems to me that Trophy is ejecting a small projectile that detonates in immediate proximity to the incoming missile.