It Doesn't Look Good for the Cubs

“The Cubs have made a lot of moves in this off-season!”

Yeah, by letting go of good players (Gaetti, Morandini) and by signing a bunch of minor-league players and mediocre 3rd-stringers. Looks like I’ll be spending yet another summer in tears.

BTW, what are your opinions on the Cubs and Mets opening the season in Japan? I used to be ambivalent about it; now I just don’t have an opinion.

I don’t really think Gaetti counts as a good player any more. Did you see his stats from last year?

I have high hopes for the Cubs this year (but then again I do every year, until May rolls around). Don Baylor should help things, Kerry Wood will hopefully come back strong, and I think their bullpen should be better.

Yup, this is the year. This is definitely the year.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

As a Yankee fan, I fart in the generl direction of the Cubs!

Wait. I’m sorry. I made a mistake.

I meant, as a fan of the TWO-TIME DEFENDING WORLD CHAMPION Yankees.

My bad.

Yer pal,

What’s this about opening the season in Japan? Real games or exibition?

Harvey - real games. Just like the season opener last season between the Rockies and, uh, another team. It was down there in Mexico, and it counted.

I’m a Cubs fan, and I know what next year will be like. Same as every year.

BTW, I don’t think Kerry Wood will ever throw like he used to. I hope I’m wrong, but I see him as another, “Gee, whatever became of that Wood kid from a few years back?” (And does anyone have a VHS copy of the Houston 20K game? I would love to have a copy on my shelf!)