It is a matter of time, and who keeps it.

Where I work it recently came up that many of our computers disagree on what time it is. Easily solved by a time server adjustment at boot up. Here is the real question: who is the official time keeper of the United States? We heard of many universities, a few observatories, The U.S. Bureau of Standards and me being the only one saying the U.S. Navy. It is pointless in as much as any would far exceed any need we have. But who is the official timekeeper?


The US Directorate of Time is a part of the US Navy, according to their website.

From a link on that site:

The primary standard is the NIST cesium clock in Boulder, CO.

Cool, thanks for the information :slight_smile:

So for about the kabillionth time in a row, I was close. but wrong. NIST is the authority, and is not a part of or funded by the US Navy. I take small comfort in knowing everyone else was wrong as well.

Not quite everyone. NIST was originally known as the National Bureau of Standards until 1988.

Touche. I got toasted. It will be quite a test of my integrity to give that information to those who can shove it up my nose.