"It is better to do what is hard than to do what is easy" quote from Harry Potter

I don’t remember what the exact quote is, but this is something Dumbledore tells Harry.

My question is: was this in the book or just in the movie? If it’s in the book, can somebody quote me book and chapter, please?

And is the line a steal from another source?

Thanks in advance!

“All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare,” said Spinoza.

might you be thinking of this quote from goblet of fire?

i don’t have the book handy so i can’t give you the chapter, but dumbledore says this while addressing the students at the end of term feast. it’s one of the last chapters of goblet of fire.

It’s obviously older than this, but here’s a famous example:

Dumbledore doesn’t compare difficult and easy, he contrasts the choice between what is easy and what is right.

Chapter 37 “The Begining,” which is the last chapter of the book. It’s part of the toast Dumbledore gives at the end of the year feast before everyone (including the student’s from the other schools) go home.

The JFK one was what I was going to post as well (and IMO, it’s his best speech ever, far better than the “Ask not…” one)

I always thought that bit was badly written. It sounds like he’s saying that “If you have to choose between what’s right and what’s easy, remember that choosing what’s right will result in you dying horribly.”

Very well written if she wanted to imply that Dumbledore was a secret baddie.

I was just thinking that myself. o.o