It is impossible to look professional with a kleenex hanging out of your nose (TMI?)

I pick my nose. That is not news. Everyone does it even though some do not admit it. So I’m at work and find myself with what feels like the creature from cocoon coming down my left nostril. You know the kind that once you get it, you can roll it in a ball for a while without it getting hard and crumbly.

Anyway, I go in and find nothing. Except now my right nostril is pouring blood. It continued for nearly 5 minutes although if you happen to be in an office with kleenex hanging out of your nose while trying to continue preparing a presentation for tomorrow, it feels like an eternity.

As the father of Judge Harry Stone used to say: “but I’m feeling much better now.”
My day’s been pretty good. How about all of you?

“The doctor says my nose wouldn’t bleed so much if I kept my finger out of there!”

I figured I’d leave that quote out of the OP so someone could come and take it :slight_smile: