It is MARCH. Take those Xmas lights DOWN, already!

Yes, House on the Corner, I mean YOU.

Okay, it was a nice, tasteful display. Not the most original (ornaments in the tree, racer lights), but it was okay for the holidays. And they are so over.

I notice that the people who created your holiday display left a tasteful sign with their name on it and that’s still up, too. What’s the matter, didn’t you pay them? Did you get some kind of special deal for leaving the display up way, way past the holidays?

Come on now. It is almost spring. It is time to think of leprecauns, tulips and hyacinths poking their colorful little heads out of the snow, and starting your tomato plants in a cold frame. Of course it is only March so it could still snow; it probably WILL snow–but who wants to be reminded of that? And that’s still no excuse for ornaments in the trees. No, yours is clearly a holiday display and . . . like I said . . . it’s MARCH!

At the very least there must be some switch you could NOT flip each night, or is it on a timer? Hello? Is anybody in there?

Wait, I get it. You are aliens from another planet and you don’t understand the local customs. Well, look around. Does any other house in the neighborhood still have its lights up? No (except for the one whose little red heart lights have been replaced by colored eggs, but that’s not your case now, is it? No, it’s not. And then there’s the balcony where the lights are up year-round, except they know enough not to flip that switch every night).

When I was a little kid, we had a neighbour who had one of those musical Christmas cards, which he decided to stick open at his front door. He was a lonely, old chap so my mother didn’t complain until about a week later when that thing was still chirping out “Santa Claus is coming to town”. Turns out, however, that the neighbour wasn’t being rude at all. He’d died.

The moral of the story: Have you seen your neighbours recently?

I am morbid this morning, I guess, but that story made me chuckle.

I’m pretty sure I saw a man and a little girl coming out of that house. (Okay. Hypnotizing self to get the memory, they were walking down the sidewalk. I did not, however, see them come out of the front door.)

But, hey, even if they went on vacation over the holidays and never came back . . . it’s March!

Someone in our neighbourhood has them up, too. Not just up, but I was astounded to note as I came home from work late, and after dark, turned on. Clear and red Christmas lights. In March.

I don’t think the people are dead, but I do think they’re odd.

(If I were to put some clear fairy lights, plain white ones, on a big plant in the back yard, would it be weird, or just reminiscent of a restaurant patio? I’m going for the twinkly al fresco feeling, not the Christmas-in-June feeling.)

Clear and red? Are you sure they’re not Valentine lights?

They’re the exact same lights that were up for Christmas. If they wait 'til July 1st, they can be Canada Day lights, I suppose. :slight_smile:

Our last two offenders finally switched the lights off about a month ago. But the lights are still hanging there. They’re white icicle lights and the houses are just dark enough that you can see them distinctly. Tacky.

I was out tonight in a different neighborhood and went past a house with the lights still on. And definitely with a Christmasy motif (candy cane or some such thing…). I’m seldom in that neighborhood, so I don’t know whether the owners are there/alive/whatever, but one hopes their neighbors would notice if they went missing…


I’ve got a neighbor that doesn’t take them down at all. Stopped working in sections a couple years ago. Didn’t even turn them on this last Xmas. They have no clue about diposing of their trees either. They leave them out by the curb for a month+. But since there is no Xmas tree pickup service, nothing happens. There’s a fire station quite nearby that takes them and chips them up. But no…

So they ended up just tossing it into the backyard. A few years back they had 3 years of trees under a wooden pallette in the front yard.

And this is a nice neighborhood. Scum.