When will my neighbour take her Halloween decoration down?

It’s December, and one of my neighbours STILL had a Halloween decoration up. Every time I pass it, it’s mocking me with it’s stupid grin, and it’s not like I can miss it. The thing is bright orange!

I’ve decided to turn it into a game. So when do YOU think the decoration will come down?

The winner gets… um… well nothing.

Jan 2, 10am.

December 18, noon-ish.

The day after Christmas. It’s pulling double-duty this year.

I’m betting they stay up until after next Halloween. Unless you’re in some kind of neighborhood where they fine people for having wrong-season decorations up too long.

You mean, some of you people who have neighbors who actually take decorations down? Lucky son-of-a-guns!

Next thing you’ll tell me is that your neighbors don’t just make a pile in their front yard of Xmas trees from years past.

I could say any time I wanted because I could just walk and take it down. :stuck_out_tongue:

But obviously I won’t…honestly…

My neighbor still has fake spider webs in her trees. And now she has Christmas decorations up too. I’m so confused!

Steal it and leave a ransom note.

meh…rookies. A few years ago I had a lighted santa in the front yard … until Easter. I didn’t have him illuminated after the Christmas holiday but he was standing proud none the less.

Near Easter, I took a couple of white socks and tied them on his head for bunny ears and put an Easter basket on his arm. :wink:

You are going to feel really bad when you find out that your neighbor is lying dead in his house.

See, if it were my Halloween decoration (that is, if I’d gotten around to decorating for Halloween this year), I’d be sorely tempted to just string Christmas lights on it and leave the whole mess up till Easter.

I’m glad I live in an, um, relaxed neighborhood.

There’s a house that I ride past on the schoolbus (yes, I’m a senior but I still ride the schoolbus) that has a big ghost made out of the lamp in front–it’s got a sheet draped over it, with black circles for the mouth and eyes. For Thanksgiving, they gave it a Pilgrim hat, and now it has a Santa hat. It’s really very strange looking. I bet it gets a party hat for New Year’s.

Why did you take him down after Easter then? The Fourth of July was right around the corner. The old guy is already red and white. All you needed was a blue bathing suit to convert him into the ultimate symbol of patriotism.

One of my customers in Philly has a neighbor way down the other end of the block whose house has no front yard at all. It is full of everything-Easter stuff, Memorial day stuff, halloween stuff, Thanksgiving stuff, Christmas stuff, and a half-dozen other holidays that I’ve not listed. If it is made of plastic, can blow in the wind, be plugged in, or just sit there, she has at least one of them, and they are all on permanent display, along with urns, trolls, chairs and tables, leering gargoyles, cutesy signs, reflecting spheres, and such.

The kitsch police should cite her for poor taste above and beyond extremely tacky.

I see talking but I don’t see much guessing. :wink:
I checked last night, and it was still there.

We need something to motivate us, man! :wink:

My dearest just recently removed the remains of our jack-o-lanterns from the front yard. And Jack the Skeleton (who laid in wait in the tree branches on Halloween) has been laying on top of a black and orange rubbermaid on the porch with the other decorations gathered but not put away until a few days ago too (now it’s in my living room). The 5ft grim reaper was hanging on a coat rack in my living room. Tomorrow it all goes in the bins and down to the basement. Hey, it’s only Dec. 12. Not even 1/6 of the year has passed since the holiday.

Tonight, we put up our Christmas trees: the actual Frasier Fir in the dining room (not enough room in the LR; Cinnamon Little has her own in fake purple mini tree with pink lights in her room; and a 6.5 ft tall white light one on the porch.

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered I’m down to one light strand for the real tree. I may have to resort to using the orange and purple ones from Halloween. Thank goodness I didn’t put them away! :wink:

  • Hey, maybe I can put my fake spiders and webbing on the tree too! I do lurves me my creepy Halloween!

How do you know they’re fake? Maybe she has a giant spider infestation.

I’m reminded of a Roseanne scene, where the guys are in the garage trying to untangle the christmas lights.

Dan’s friend: You know, Dan, if you took a little more care when you put these things away, it’d be easier to set them up next time.

Dan: Yeah, like that’s how I want to spend my Easter Sunday.