" It is polite fiction that we consider adopted children to be equal to biological children. "

A direct quote from AlTraina in this Pit Thread

I put that idea right up there with the rah-rah Christian who told me the children my sister’s wife had and my sister adopted are not my nieces, and their taking in a dying woman and her two daughters and arranging to adopt the children was an act of child abuse.

Your thoughts?

I think you should spend more time at Amazing Savings and less time on here.

Trolls this obvious are no fun to pit.

Stop trying so hard AlTraina, you look desperate.

Obvious troll is trolling.

Yeah, garden-variety troll with “edgy” statements and boring insults. He’s not worth the outrage.

I propose we jump ahead to guessing what banned poster this sock represents.

You’re a troll, but you’re not wrong.

He’s also not a Mod. But thanks for the plug.

He’s posted nearly 50 times since he signed up yesterday morning. (Might not be ‘nearly’ by the time I hit ‘post.’) I don’t think he’s a banned poster that we’d remember, but rather some random asshole that stumbled across this site.

And yeah, the sentence quoted in the thread title is blatantly false.

I know several families with both adopted and biological children (not casual acquaintances, but families I know quite well), and have never noticed a difference between how the children are treated.

You know, trolling isn’t the best way to spam.

I’m trying to think of one that had this brand of offensive stupidity. SamuelA maybe?

Take a look:

A newbie wouldn’t go straight to this.

Using a board meme from 2014?

Maybe he’s a prodigy?

I don’t know.
I think that anyone that would adopt a child is likely to be the sort of person that would love that child.
I have a couple of close lifelong friends, each with adopted kids and I know that they would die for their adopted child.
But if put in a “sophie’s choice” sort of situation, I don’t know what they would do.

Maybe that’s more an indictment of my character than anything else.

I have a friend who has both an adopted kid, and a ‘natural’ kid, and they treat them both exactly the same. Both are girls, and they are almost 1 year apart [one is actually some sort of cousin, the birth mother had health issues and couldn’t keep her] but because of the birth months they are both in the same grade. I think most people wouldn’t think tha tone is adopted, they probably think they are some sort of non-identical twins, they look very similar.

I think there is no difference between a natural kid and an adopted one, you are given the same ‘ownership’ requirements for both - the law doesn’t say that you can treat the adopted one like Oliver Twist or Annie or something.

The SDMB is really going downhill - we used to attract a higher class of troll. Nothing about pyramids, no suggestion that the ruling classes of Europe were actually Obama in disguise, not even a link to how Oswald was framed on 9/11.

:sighs nostalgically:

Those were the days - when men were men, cats were declawed, and everyone knew which rest room to use. (Unless they were Larry Craig).


Except for the circumcised ones.