It pains me, Mr. Idle, to pit you, but pit you I must.

Because you’re a legend, Og dammit. A fucking legend. Monty Python is the bible of English comedy. Even your appearances in post-Python movies was always a treat.

But now you’re just being a twat. (No, not you tvvat.)

So you, along with fellow Pythonite John Cleese, provided voices for the latest in the Shrek installments. Great!

And then you start bandying about words like “steal” and “lawsuit” because you found out after the fact that they riffed on your coconuts-as-horse-hoof-sound-maker bit from The Holy Grail. Dude, come on. WTF? I realize you’re getting on in years and all, but you’re still Eric Idle, and you’re still working steadily. Now is not the time to start with the “get off my lawn” routine. Whatever your opinion, it was an homage to your greatness and the greatness of the Monty Python team. They’re paying you a fucking compliment, dude! And you wanna sue them for that?

O, Mr. Idle, how you disappoint me. I will never listen to “Always Look On The Bright Side of Life” the same way again.

Is it just me, or has Idle had the most underwhelming post-Python output of anybody from the show?

Well, other than that slacker Chapman. Thinks a little terminal cancer is reason enough to quit showbiz? Fuckin’ amateur.


Yeah, I’d like to see that courtroom drama.

“Your Honor, we do not deny that we took the idea of “coconuts-as-horse-hoof-sound-maker” from Mr. Idle’s work. It’s called lampooning a classic for satirical purposes. I had thought Mr. Idle would be acquainted with the concept …”

You mean other than writing the book and score for Spamalot, which went on to get 14 Tony nominations (including 2 for Idle himself)?

Can you copyright a sight gag? Did Idle even really invent that gag himself?

Eric needs to relax. It’s not like they started talking about swallows or anything. I doubt he’s got a case.

“I’m invincible!”

“You’re a loony.”

All right, but other than that what has he done for us? Nothing!

Screw that. Old radio sound effects men should sue HIM.

Somehow, this clip seems appropriate under the circumstances.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, so fill me in on the details. Did they actually show knights riding broomstick ponies, while coconut-cloppers walked behind them? Or was it just a sound effect, without the sight gag?

A while back I read a lengthy account of how thoroughly Eric Idle screwed Neil Innes over the Rutles Archaeology project, and was left with the inescapable and dismaying conclusion that Idle, of whom I was once a huge fan, is a petty, venal, grasping, and treacherous rat bastard. Unfortunately I can’t find that website now; I expect someone has had it taken down.

There’s a scene at the beginning of the movie where Prince Charming is performing dinner theater. You see him seemingly galloping on a horse while scenery races by, then the camera pulls back to show that he’s on a stick horse and that a stage hand is making the coconut clop-clop sounds (the scenery is a scrolling, painted backdrop).

Is it weird to have initially thought this was a pitting of me? :o

It’s funny. I’d heard a while back about a few of the relatively dumb things Idle had done (though I can’t for the life of me recall what now), but this bit here really is about as petty and venal as you can get. It wasn’t even really a direct parody – it wasn’t a broomstick, he wasn’t riding it like he was mentally deluded enough to think it was a real horse, and it wasn’t a running gag throughout the movie. It was a one-off, several-second, on-the-sly nudge-nudge-wink-wink moment in Eric’s general direction. Were it me in his position I’d be giggling madly. But no. Eric takes it as a personal and blatant theft of his material right from under his nose.

Eric, you need to take a bottle of chill pills. Now go away or I will taunt you a second time.

Have you done anything pitworthy? Because we can make room in the thread…

Eric has often come across as an insecure thin-skinned ass in interviews. I could understand it when he was doing schlock like the godawful & shortlived Topper ripoff Nearly Departed and lots of really lackluster comedies, but now that Spamalot has earned him accolades and I am guessing truckloads of money I’d have thought he’d be in his happy place. Guess not. (Anyone see the Tony Awards when Spamalot was up, incidentally? Eric appeared in a gold tuxedo jacket [gauche] and was visibly pissed when he didn’t win- he was evidently expecting a Mel Brooks/Producers like juggernaut.

He’s always been at his most bitter when discussing the post-Python success of Cleese, particularly the fact that Cleese was paid a fortune for a cameo in Eric’s flop Splitting Heirs- evidently Cleese didn’t give him a “fellow Python” discount and Eric said “It cost more for his few minutes in the film than it cost to make Holy Grail”. (I’m not sure if Idle’s the one who when asked what he’d do if he received a multimillion dollar paycheck ala Murphy or Carrey said “Give it to my mate John Cleese so that he could take a day off”- Cleese’s fortune comes not just from Fawlty Towers and his post Python movies, incidentally, but from an extremely lucrative and highly regarded series of corporate training videos and good investments). I’ve also heard Idle bash Palin’s Around the World series of series.

Holy Grail earned all the Pythons reasonable fortunes since it was extremely low budget and they all owned a percentage and it was a huge hit that’s never stopped generating revenue. They all own a percentage of Spamalot also, though how much I’m not sure and Eric Idle owns the lion’s share as producer/writer of the additional bits; I know Cleese appears in the show as a recorded voice of God and I think all the Pythons have wandered onto stage once or twice in cameos when in London or NYC. In interviews Terry Jones seems to be happiest: he lives quietly, works when the spirit moves him, indulges his love of medieval history and microbrewery, and gets adulation when he desires it, and his miniseries on The Crusades was one of the finest documentaries I’ve ever seen in using humor and primary sources together.

Despite the negative personal views already expressed in this thread, is there any chance that Idle is having a bit of fun, himself, stirring up a bit of imaginary conflict?

The only reference I can find was to the radio interview quoted by The Sun, (and I have an innate suspicion of morning drive radio), so I am not sure how serious this bit might be.

ETA: Idle attended the premier on Friday night and waited until a morning radio program on Monday to express his outrage?

Reading the article again, I think you might be right. Idle’s quoted comments could easily have been made with tongue in cheek, and this is The Sun we’re talking about.

Your summons to court will arrive in the mail shortly :mad: