It Really Bothers Me..

When my roommate doesn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom, which is right next door to my room so I can hear the sink running (or rather, not running in this case).

Just sayin’…

One of my favorite comics.

From what I have observed using public conveniences, most people don’t wash their hands after evacuating.

Some pretend to do so by just rinsing their hand quickly under the water. I guess they worry about what some stranger like myself thinks.

He’s your roommate? So tell him he’s a dirty fucker. It’s not like he’s a stranger.

Please. Read my earlier post.

Your roommate is a saint by comparison.

This puts me in mind of onemy favorite joke.

The UNC Tar Heels are playing Duke, and fans of each team are in the bathroom at halftime. The Duke grad notices the Tar Heel peed into the urinal, zipped up, and heading toward the door without washing his hands.

The Duke grad speaks up and says, “At Duke, we know to wash our hands after urinating.”

The Tar Heel replies, “That’s good, but we Tar Heels know not to piss on ours in the first place.”

Always Bring Pie Thanks for sharing. I got a good laugh out of that.

GameHat You’re right. You win.

Sundrop: Also a good joke!