It;s God, not G-D

Why do people insist on typing GOD as G-D? Do religious beliefs overide the use of proper English?

OK, I screwed up. It’s

Because every time someone mentions God, it ends up in Great Debates.

But seriously, folks…

I’ve seen this mostly from the Jewish posters. I had thought that they were only prohibited from writing G-O-D in Hebrew, but that it was OK to write it in any other language.

I dunno.

So what about people who write it “god” ?

people who refuse to capitalize?

just wanna know.



Is that like spelling women like this: womyn ?


If I wanted to, I can spell it F-R-E-D. Who are you to tell me otherwise? Heck, I can spell it in Klingon if I really cared to.

I take it you’re trying to muscle in on Webster’s work. I can see it now… “Milroyj’s New World Dictionary, Third Edition”.

In that case, feminists don’t want to leave any vestige of “man” or “men” in the term for female human.

Also, plenty of us Christian types try to use G-d out of respect to out Jewish brethern.

Get bent, descriptivist.(<–linguistics class showing)


Hey SPOOFE, I’m with you. But are you sure itsn’t FR-D?

this is interesting.

bj0rn - dog…

This is news to me. I am shocked! I actually learnt something new today.
So much for my theory that no one can tell me anything new because I already know it all.
I feel humbled.

Hey, Jack, didja know that an Imperial Star Destroyer can beat the Enterprise in a fight? It’s true! :smiley:

I’m not one to defend religion in any way, but the answer to your question is yes. Yes, they do.

Make that “some feminists,” please. Almost all feminists spell it “women.”

I read cmkeller’s post around the time it was originally posted. I found it to be the most convincing argument anyone has presented thus far; however, I still don’t buy it. In my opinion, the spelling (or lack thereof) is limited to Hebrew. Adonai, Elohim, et cetera are alternate spellings of god; the writing of which is permitted. It is only YHVH or Yahweh which is deemed to be a name not permitted in writing.

Pertaining to the capitalization of the word god, I find it most amusing. Of all the various religions, gods and goddesses have names. The Shinto kami and the Greek pantheon provide wonderful examples of names for gods and goddesses. Why is it that Christianity elects to name god “God”? Isn’t it a bit like naming your dog “Dog”, or cat “Cat”? It seems less than original.

I don’t capitalize the word god because the word is not a proper noun. When I speak of god I use the generic male form because I include all gods and goddesses of all religions in this term. In my opinion, no god or goddess is any greater or lesser than any other. I don’t recognize the existence of such entities. I intend no disrespect toward individuals religiously inclined, but the word I will use is god.

Hey Jack, here’s something else you can learn. Some people hold their cherished fictions tightly. They refuse to look objectively at things, feeling that admitting that two things aren’t competative demeans the one they prefer. As an example-I personaly admire the six month WWII history of the carrier Yorktown, sunk at the Battle of Midway. I did a disertation on it in school, and can prove that no other WWII ship of the same time had a more destiguished war record. I would not be so foolish as to opine that Yorktown and Task Force 17 would have a chance against the modern Sixth Fleet in a battle. I know this in no way demeans Yorktown, but some others repeatedly demonstrate their inability to grasp such a simple concept.


And the heavens parted, and THE LORD looked down at Moses, and said unto him:

“I am the ONE, the true GOD, thou shalt call me LARRY.”

No. Nope, just doesn’t work.

“…and this is my brother Darryl, and my other brother Darryl.”

Now here’s something that has bothered me for a while. I used to subscribe to Biblical Archaeological Review [BAR] and I read once that God’s name was spelled YHVH specifically to make it unpronouncable, because mere mortals shouldn’t sully His name by speaking it. Yet I have been hearing people do just that: try to pronounce it and say “Yahweh.” Am I the only person who find that arrogant and/or presumptuous? Eh, probably; I’m just easily irritated.