It Sucks To Be Dying!

Smoker all of my life. (67 years)

It sucks to be given an end of life sentence!

Heck, it could be 3 months, 6 months or even next year!

Doctors suck too!

Question: If, you were in my position … Would you want there to be a god or would you accept … eternity!?

In other words, I am scared out of my mind that when I take my last breath … I will wake up to “Perfection” and some kind of alien (alien meaning: unknown to my way of life) world/heaven where I just don’t fit?

Of course … I don’t want to wake up in the other place either!

Or should I fear … dying and never having another thought?

I served in nam with an idiot that constantly preached to me why there was no such thing as god … We weren’t in the proverbial foxhole when he changed his mind!

My friend left this earth in 1971 when the cong overran us.
Wounded me and sent him on to … Where?

I am going THERE … sooner than I expected and I wish that I could know … What I am going to encounter?

My guess?


Sad really

Thank You for listening.

John Wayne died … So I guess that I am in great company!

I claim to be an Atheist but really I’m not, that is just my way of indicating that I am hostile to the idea of religion. As far as what happens when you die, well, I’m 99% certain nothing happens. Good luck trying to figure out your questions but I have no answers for you.

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If there’s no afterlife, you’ll never know you’re dead.

It’ll be like before you were born. Almost 14 billion years passed, and you (we) weren’t afraid and didn’t seem to complain then.

Uh … Okay!

You the forum policeman?

You seem to be right up front when it comes to snitching?

I didn’t look nor did I wish to post in any kind of Religion forum … I wanted Real Peoples views!

You feel better now?

Given that the questions in the OP can’t be answered in GQ, let’s move this over to IMHO.

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Thank You!

My thoughts too.
“But” wouldn’t you like to know differently?

After all … we never existed (before we were born) so we wouldn’t miss what we never had/knew.

Wouldn’t you like to know that ‘you’ could exist … forever?

Yep … Vanity trumps all!:smiley:

Good Lord!

You a snitch too or just a mod who ‘moves’ stuff because someone else doesn’t like where something is posted?

Yep … Mod who has no respect for other folks wishes!

I wanted the ‘General folks’ answers … that’s why I posted there!

In my humble opinion has nothing to do with my question!
Get a day job!

The snitch won!

Colibri is a decent guy
let’s just carry on with the thread…
he’s moved on of my threads before
its not the end of the world :wink:

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Well, for me it will soon be … quicker than I thought.:slight_smile:

I apologize to the mod but … d@mnit, a dying idiot should have precedence!:frowning:

Just kidding.

I Really wanted the folks from the General Forums answers but I guess I’ll settle for … second best!:confused::rolleyes::smiley:

mrclose, the audience for both of the forums is really the same. The same people will see the post and answer it in either place.

I apologize.

I really thought that the mods would be asleep at this hour? (1am)

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When they say “reported for forum change” I know it sounds like they are “reporting” you for doing something wrong, but it’s not that at all, it’s just saying "I’ve let the moderators know that this post may need to be moved to a different forum.

You are going on the last big adventure where we all have to go. Make peace with yourself, put your house in order as best you can, and remember how lucky you were to have even been born.

Thank You Terr.

Nah, since the rest of us are dying too.

It’s still snitching! lol

Leave things alone!

If you don’t like the topic or agree with where it was posted … WHAT does it matter to you?

Go away.

Allow a mod to find it and decide!

As far as being Lucky to be born … I’m not so sure?

I’d rather not to have known life and then face giving it all up to the … unknown!

Thanks for your thoughts anyway!

Smarty Pants!:mad:

We all face the same problem, you’ve just come up against it sooner than you expected.