What would your personal afterlife be if you died tonight?

Oops. You’re dead. Game over. Shuffled off this mortal coil. What’s next?

Are you still conscious?
Would you remember this life at all?
Would you be knowingly or surreptitiously drawn to the beings you now love?
Rewarded? Punished? Forgotten?
Would the end be everlasting or cyclic in nature?
Would you be able to die again and again, reaching different planes of the hereafter?
Is there a being or beings that you will be united with?
Will you still be an individual?

(Do include your religion/spiritual practice/overgeneralized philosophical outlook/lack thereof. Or leave us guessing. For all eternity.)

It’s one of those unknown unknowns.

Dust unto dust, ashes unto ashes. We’re living our hereafter right now. No second acts. Agnostic.

If I die and go to hell real soon
it will appear to me as this room
and for eternity i’ll lay in bed
in my boxers half stoned on the pillows under my bed

(Or at least that’s the outlook from the seminal band Say Anything.)

Worm food.


Does this scare you?

All the little gut fauna yell “Paaaarty!” and the anaerobic digesting begins.


I think I will spend the time after I die much the same as I spent it before I was conceived and born.

The time before I was born to the world doesn’t particularily scare me, so why should the time after I die? The world will keep on going as it does, my body will rot and my molecules that make it up will go on to be part of other things.

Some words to live by:
“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

  • Gandalf
    (I take the quote as meaning the time we have to spend on Earth or in Frodo’s case, Middle Earth. I realize Gandalf is some sort of fictional immortal.)

I look around Valhalla, find Oakminster, and form an alliance. :slight_smile:

Quiet very quiet. Athiest.

PS, the last moments of my life would have been a lot more satisfying if Sklad the Rhymer would have bought my soul. Damn Canadian hater.

I’ve often figured I would emerge into some other kind of individual existense where I STILL really didnt know what the hell was going on, what was or was not important, or why…

Oh, pretty much business as usual… just hanging around, meeting new people, eating their brains.

Not at all; the only reason I’m not an athiest is I’m not sure how all this order in the universe happened. Has to be something beyond our crude intellect. It’s hubris on the other hand to think we are unique and special-just two many suns, with planets and galaxies for us to be alone. Do the golden rule thing, enjoy your life, leave behind some ideas, products or kids to insure the only immortality you’ll ever have.

I’m a theist, but I don’t believe in an afterlife.

If consciousness is outside of or beyond the brain, how can a living person ever be unconscious, as when knocked out, under anesthesia, in a coma, etc.?

So what do you think happens?

In a worm’s belly with Kayaker and the rest of us atheists.

Actually, I’d rather be fish food as long as I don’t die from drowning. Drowning would suck.

wouldn’t it be a *known *unknown?

That’s the classic Jewish tradition, no?

You die and that’s it.