It takes a lot of effort to be nasty

Yes, in an acute blood sugar drop a diabetic needs sugar, and a salad would not be a good choice. But a salad would typically be a better choice for a diabetic eating normally. My friend would often start out thinking she “just needed to eat something” and want to stick to her regular diet, rather than going right to the emergency sugary food she usually couldn’t have.

That makes sense- someone who knew they need to eat, and wanted to make a wise choice, but didn’t realize their blood sugar had already dropped too low and actually required the sugar hit.

Maybe Horrid Guy is a jerk when his blood sugar is at its best, and a super massive jerk when he’s crashing. Why didn’t his wife make any comments or excuses about blood sugar/crankiness, etc.?

Ivyboy certainly handled the situation well by getting the manager involved the moment it escalated to threats of assault. I have seen a huge erosion in people’s manners in the past 20 years–jaw dropping, head shaking, appalling rude public displays. I don’t know that I could handled the situation as well as Ivyboy were I his age and waiting tables today.

Does that mean he wanted to get kicked out of the restaurant?

It sounds like the couple were both jerks, and that diabetes wasn’t the deal. **ivylass **did say that it was reported the wife was being a bitch as well.

Of course he put it in himself. Otherwise… how would he have known it was an aspirin? He would’ve said, “a pill in my skillet,” or something.

I always hate when people are rude or mean to my son, because he’s such a sweet kid. I imagine that’s how you feel.

[li]My brother is diabetic[/li][li]This guy’s an asshole[/li][li]Dopers are way too forgiving of 3rd parties. Hey, any opinions on what % tip he should have left?[/li][/ul]

I wish I could answer with an acceptable degree of accuracy, but who knows?

It’s more of a gastropub than a restaurant but it’s the only place within walking distance so we go there a lot. If you go to the same place month after month and year after year it’s unsurprising when you meet the odd dickhead here and there. The example I give is the most egregious I can recall, and the guy actually told the waitress he worked in PR.

I collapsed on the floor with uncontrollable laughter, and I had to be taken home to be sedated.

The guy was a total jerk, and it sounds like Ivyboy handled things about as well as was possible given the situation. Good for him!

Personally I am waiting to get yelled at because we haven’t gotten any snow. And I wish to Og we would, I am just as eager for it as they are. I live in a ski resort town, we need it, and it’s late. If I could make it snow, I would! In fact, I would have a month ago. I happen to like it, tourists or no tourists.

Yep. My son is 19, and he’s still my baby. Still, he took the guy’s crap and got the manager involved when it escalated. It’s like I told him…he doesn’t get paid enough to deal with bitchy customers…that’s why they pay the managers the big bucks. :smiley:

A salad, as precursor to a meal containing protein (like a burger) with honey mustard dressing, is actually quite a good choice for a diabetic in an acute hyperinsulin state. The corn syrup and sugar in that “honey” mustard will work quickly to provide glucose for that excess insulin to attack, while the complex carbs will keep him stable for a bit longer until he can get some meat and/or cheese into him.

That said, he may very well have been an asshole *and *a diabetic, especially if he recovered without major incident and didn’t even bother apologizing to the staff.

Mr. Diabetic needs to find an emergency room if he wants to demand honey mustard dressing treatment. A young waiter is not an EMT, and they sure as heck don’t get paid as much.

Please people, take your medical emergencies out on the hospital.

My honest reaction to the story is that I seriously doubt that the asshole was a diabetic, at all. It’s possible, (and he’d still be an irresponsible asshole as even the 14 year old diabetic girls who I’ve had in my classes knew enough to keep crackers or such on hand in case their BSL dropped too low), but I don’t buy it.

I think it’s much more likely that he dreamed up his ‘diabetic’ state in order to get preferential treatment from a waiter and to serve as a platform from which to launch further abuse. “How dare you take so long to bring me my meal, why, you fool, don’t you realize that I’m a diabetic?!?

The sad fact is that working in food-service or retail will provide constant exposure to a stream of motherfuckers who believe A) they’re better than you B) they’re smarter than you C) their custom entitles them to treat you like a disobedient child.
Or some combination of A, B and C.

Actually, for me, being nasty is no trouble at all. I’m constantly monitoring myself so that I’m not, and it often takes real effort to be civil, but I keep trying.

I always figured that was the default mode, but I guess I’m just a fucked up individual.

People lie about stupid shit all the time. When I worked for Pizza Hut I had a man call in claiming to be the VP of the company and demanded that I look up the number to another one of our locations for him. As I was looking up the number he kept screaming that I should be working faster because he was the VP and this was very important information that he needed from me. While I was looking I asked him why he didn’t just pull up the number to the other store in the computer system or from the rolodex on his desk and he hung up on me before I found the number. I would have gladly looked up the number for any customer or anyone else who called in so I don’t know why he felt the need to make up this lie unless he just felt like being an asshole.

Heh. Wouldn’t it be fun to open a restaurant and create a separate section called the “special dietary requirements” section?

I’d have a doctor, nurse, and dietician on duty, and pay all the extra insurance. As people come into the restaurant, they have to acknowledge their special dietary requirements, then sign a waiver or pay the 1,000% surcharge to sit in the “special” section and have their special dietary needs safely catered to. :smiley:

People who verbally abuse the wait staff are not just rude, they are morons. I worked as a hostess in a restaurant as a teenager and the waiters at that restaurant had their own secret way of exacting revenge against rude customers. I don’t endorse their methods (which usually involved putting something gross in the rude customer’s food), but I did learn a valuable life lesson: Never piss off someone who has the power to secretly spit in your food.

I can’t bet tbe only person who read the thread title and thought this was going to be tips on how to be nasty.

I hope this doesn’t happen very often. It is against the law in Florida to contaminate someone’s food, and getting revenge this way on an assholish customer is not worth it. It’s better to call the manager over and let them deal with the situation.

I’ve worked in lots of restaurants and always heard these stories but it’s always via a friend of a friend of a friend. I’ve never seen it. Although, I have seen things dropped on the floor, picked up, wiped off, reheated and served.

Personally, if I were to send my steak back, I’d make sure I had the server laughing and joking and liking me before I did.