It Takes Two loop (Rob Base, DJ EZ Rock)

The song It Takes Two by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock samples from Lyn Collins song "Think (About It):

However, if you listen to the song:

you’ll see that the actual Lyn Collins vocal is different. Did they get another singer just to sing that part? Was there some extended version of the Lyn Collins song where she sings it that way?

I searched but couldn’t find anything.

Ya know, I’ve always wondered about that.

I’ve now spent the last hour looking in to this and have found no mention of the fact that the vocals don’t match.

I find nothing about an alternate or later version of the song recorded by Miss Collins, either.

But clearly the way the phrases end in the “samples” is different than on her recording.

The break, btw, is known as the Woo! Yeah! break:
Think break - Wikipedia!

Here’s some more info:

I didn’t come across the Lyn Collins song until the late 90s or something, so I never knew the source of that sample until then. That’s when I started getting much more into funk.

Until then, I actually thought the samples were separate, one from James Brown and one from Michael Jackson. The Woo part sounded like Michael Jackson to me, when out of context of the original Collins song.