It was a good year - fewer lawyers than normal died!

At least, that’s the conclusion I reach from the cheques that Mrs Piper and I got from the Canadian Bar Association Insurance group - a partial refund of our life insurance premiums for the year, since they didn’t have to make as many pay-outs as the actuarials predicted they would.

So, my learned friends - keep jogging and avoiding the high-cholesterol foods!

I’m off to deposit the fruits of the Bar’s healthiness in our bank account.

How’s the Canadian legal job market? In the States, a lot of firms are laying people off. Might this be the result of a lot of people leaving the profession, rather than people being healthier?

But I’d bet they can still purchase insurance through the professional organization if they’re still members.

Typo Knig is a member of the American Physical Society even though he hasn’t been a working physicist for many years. He gets life insurance through them. There’ve been a few years where we’ve gotten partial premium refunds because fewer than expected scientists have died :slight_smile:

I’m a bit confused by the assertion that fewer lawyers dying improves a year, but congrats!