Whither Obamacare in 2014

Will we just see a series of new "deadlines"for people to sign up?
Or will there just be new exemptions, delays issued, such that the law will never actually take effect?
Should we plan on reinstating existing coverage?
What is your take?

Thankfully, the law will hurt the democrat party in the 2014 elections. The dems don’t care that it hurts millions of working Americans they’re just worried about loosing control of the Senate and their stupid committee chairmanships.

Some corporations and unionists will get special protection and amnesty from Obama’s train wreck legislation where it may effect election outcomes. But they won’t make any changes for non-political reasons.

It’s going to get repealed this year. I can feel it. 50th vote’s the charm!

I predict that there will still be some problems, that Republicans will freak out over them and then change the subject when they’re dealt with, as they have with the federal exchange website. Millions of people will get health insurance or Medicare coverage they didn’t have before, which will largely be overlooked in lieu of a focus on the “rollout,” “messaging,” and general nonsense.

Rates will decline sharply in 2014 once the actuaries have some data to base them on and hardly anyone will remember there was a controversy, except House Republicans.

Yeah, fuckin’ Dems, always sticking it to the working man.

President Obama is going to cement his place in the history books as the man who brought a near-universal health care system to the United States. To seriously expect that his signature achievement will not be fully enacted during his presidency is absolutely foolish.

The one thing that’s becoming increasingly clearer in the lead-up to January 1st is that 2014 is shaping up to be much more of a transitional year than most people (including me) originally envisioned. I mean, that’s pretty well evidenced via the exemptions and other adjustments that were referenced in the OP. I don’t agree with everything that the WH has done in the rollout of the law, but still, this stuff is being done in the first place in order to mitigate as much disruption as possible.

I basically just echo everything that Marley said. I expect 2014 to play host to quite a few glitches that the GOP will capitalize on and that the WH will simultaneously iron out.

I think the press against it will run out of steam. Unless another calamity happens, people will stop caring because the right wing news sources can’t keep banging that same gong over and over and still get viewers to turn in and keep the advertisers happy.

The law will work pretty much as advertised. Some people that had junk insurance before will pay more to have something that actually works. Some people who couldn’t buy before will have insurance. Most people will keep what they had and shrug their shoulders.

I liken the law to building a house. The builder makes some progress, only to slide back as thugs wreck what was done, steal tools and material, throw stones at the carpenters, and picket the site saying what a terrible building it will be. But through perserverence, the house gets build. It’s one thing to accomplish something, like the Apollo program, when the whole nation wants to do it. It’s quite more impressive to build something against a perpetual disinformation campaign against it.

I don’t think the voters will punish Democrats for it, I think they’re more likely to punish Republicans for cuts in social programs.


What about the people who had good insurance before and now have to pay more for the same insurance? (Like me).

Well, it isn’t just me. My insurance company also ensures other employees of my company, and the policies recently change to make adding dependent children a lot more expensive (read: in the hundreds each month).

You’re asking for a cite of something that hasn’t happened yet?

Hard to say without knowing the complete details. It sounds like what you had wasn’t ACA-compliant and the new plan is. So you’re paying more to get more. Or it could be that the insurer is using the ACA as an excuse to rip people off. In areas with few insurers, that could be the case.

… well that was quick.

Deth Spiralz!!!

Its almost a year to the elections. The GOP will try to use it as a bludgeon, but by the time this thing is fully rolled out, most honest and objective people will have a much better opinion of it. The arch-conservatives will still hate it, even though it gives them better care, but they will hopefully be a minority voice.

I don’t think it will … I think just the opposite. If the republicans don’t get behind the ACA law and help polish it into something this country can be proud of … then I think it will hurt the republicans more.

It’s sort of like the Washington Redskins playing the Dallas Cowboys yesterday …

some people wanted the Redskins to win and some wanted the Cowboys to win. It was close, uh?

They are a minority voice. But they are a shrill, panicky, scare-mongering and reactionary voice. Like that girl in my grade 6 class who stood in line and cried loudly about how much it was going to hurt to get the Tetanus vaccine booster shot. :rolleyes:

I think the healthy and young will be unable or unwilling to support the system as it is set up to require. This will cause stress on the insurance companies who will be requesting additional help from the government to fund.

Perhaps we will lose many of our most skilled doctors and the burden of care will be placed on assistants and practitioners. That may or may not work well.

I do recall a time quite a while ago when we were told that everything was all set to go and all that was needed was to pass it. That apparently wasn’t true. That itself didn’t give me much confidence.

Beyond guessing, I don’t know. I still haven’t read the bill and the goalposts keep changing so I think it’s still wait and see time. Eventually it will get ironed out. In the meantime many will suffer damage.

Where are they going to go ? Russia ? The Middle East ? South America ?

Some other field with better financial rewards. You know, like unicorn breeding.