It was Christamas Eve, Babe,

In the drunk tank.

The stockings were hung by Bubba’s cell.

. . .when my spelling suddenly went to shit.

An old man said to me …

won’t see another one.

And then I sang a tune.

The Rare Old Mountain Dew

…Shane needs a vomit break…

While we’re on the vomit break I’ll just quickly interject that it’s the old man singing the tune or else the rest of the verse doesn’t make much sense

I turned my face away

That doesn’t make sense. The Narrator (Shane) is singing the tune. The old man says to the Narrator, ‘[I w]on’t see another [Christmas Eve],’ and then he sings The Rare Auld Mountain Dew. The Narrator turned his face away from the old man, and thought about his girlfriend.

That’s what I meant, the old man is singing The Rare Auld Mountain Dew. Hello Again posted “and then I sang a tune”, when the “I” should be “he”.

Ah. Missed that. When you said ‘the tune’ I assumed that you were talking about the song, not TRAMD.

Upon reflection, you are right.

And dreamed about you.

Huh. I always thought it was, “a rare old mountain tune.” Learn something new everyday.

BTW, I play this song every year at my parent’s house during Christmas. My mom hates it, because it’s so sad. I love it because it’s the only Christmassy song I know that contains the words, “Cheap lousy faggot.”

Really? I find it really uplifting in an odd sort of way. Now, Bing Crosby singing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” that’s sad.

Got on a lucky one…

(One year, circumstances kept me from being with my then-SO until two days after Christmas. Must have listened to this 50 times.)