It wasn’t a coup

How about headless chickens and choppers?

Or a version of Goldfinger written for the Adam West “Batman”.

You just kept falsely accusing this decent honest man of beating you. It seems like every single day you were screaming, “he hit me, he gave me a black eye, he pushed me down the stairs”, even though we all knew he was a decent family man that would never do such a thing.

And you made him so mad with all your false accusations that he came to my house and beat the crap out of me, and it’s all your fault.

Geraldo, you’re a tool and I’m old enough to remember when you went by Jerry Rivers.

I sometimes wonder if my contempt for Rivera is bad for me, but then I remember that I share that contempt with a being like Kurt Vonnegutt (who was Rivera’s father-in-law at one point) and just nod in satisfaction that I’m in excellent company.

Batman : Right now, Robin and I are off to nail TrumpFinger.

Gordon : TrumpFinger? At a time like this? Who cares about that pipsqueak’s inconsequential crimes?

Batman : Any crime, no matter how large or small, Commissioner Gordon, is a violation of a public right and common law, and the criminal or criminals committing such an offense must be apprehended, for the sake of all human morality.

(Adam West voice: That was a real quote from the TV Show, only the subject’s name was changed to protect both the innocent and the guilty…)

I disagree that it wasn’t ‘effective’ - the events on the 6th itself made no change to our processes - but the overall attempt has weakened our faith in the system itself. THis started the moment Trump stated (well before the election) that ‘if he lost, it had to be rigged’ and continued thru today where members of our elected representatives still claim ‘election fraud’ despite there being no evidence thereof.

It is one thing for people to ‘believe’ it - but when the elected officials propogate it - it makes the attempted coup all the more effective - which further divides our nation, further causes people to not only mistrust the media, but also the elected officals - which will ultimately break it down.

Batman : Besides, this poor, deluded soul who believes he’s King Midas needs to be stopped before he leaves more of that “gold” around. Gotham smells like the sanitation department is on strike again!

You mean “King Mierdas” eh? :slightly_smiling_face:


Fixed that for ya. :wink:

TrumpFinger does have spelling difficulty. :smiley:

A key difference is that as a ‘candidate’ vs ‘as the President’ .

One is bluster, the other is casting much more serious doubt on the institution itself.

Its only a coup of it’s from the D’état region of France. Otherwise it is just sparking sedition.

I’m not really seeing much of an argument, I’m seeing a couple of otherwise respected posters unfortunately embarrassing themselves for reasons that mystify me, and everyone else mocking them.

Still, in the wild a lot of people on the right are trying to minimize what happened. It’s certainly worthwhile fleshing out in detail why this incompetent rampage was nevertheless something of grave consequence.


Variations of this joke have been going around for weeks, but it still gets a chuckle out of me every time. :grin:

To the tune of Goldfinger:

♪ Trump-finger…

He’s the man, the man with the bias touch
A divider’s touch
Such a cold binger
Beckons you to enter his web of kin
But don’t go Flynn

Golden turds he will pour in your ear
But his lies can’t disguise what you sneer
For a poll done good knows when he’s dissed
It’s the dis of death from
Mister Trump-finger… ♫

Really? And what exactly is your Great State of California doing in response to the FACT that it was attempted?

'Cause I’ve got this sick suspicion that whatever they’re doing right now is exactly what they’d be doing if it had succeeded.

I’m a bit confused by this comment. What do you think California (in whatever sense - the people, the state government) is not doing right now that they should be doing, given that the coup attempt was unsuccessful?

Whatever it is Babale thinks they’d be doing if it had succeeded.

Right now I’m not sure if we’re past the point of disapproving looks and considering sternly worded letters to The Times.

Well, our elected representatives are trying to get Trump out of office. I agree it would be nice if we didn’t have to wait for Moscow Mitch to vacate his seat in the senate before doing so, but that’s not really under our control.

But if seditionists declared Trump president for life I’d hope we take up arms against the dictator; I don’t think that’s quite necessary at this point in time.