It Worked! Well there’s a small leak..

But IT WORKS. Phewww…

I don’t usually post this kind of stuff. But frankly, I’m a bit relieved. Won’t sound like much to most of you, but here’s the story.

I started an addition a few years ago. Two stories, about 500 square feet. I designed it. Excavated the foundation, framed it, roofed it, set the windows, sided it and did the plumbing.

This addition will accommodate my new mechanical room – Water heater and pressure tank. Plus a laundry room. So there is quite a bit of plumbing involved including running a new drain to the septic tank.

One of the steps was to cut the water system over from the old mechanical room to the new one. The old system was very strange. It was ‘bi’. Bi-directional that is. Water would move in one direction if the pump was on, the other direction if the pressure tank was feeding. Never seen anything like it. And it sucked. Water temp would fluctuate and it was impossible to put a filter on it (we have rusty water)

Yesterday, I got the move done. I wasn’t too worried about the plumbing aspect of it. Except changing it from a bi-directional system to a conventional one. I was pretty sure I didn’t miss anything there. I do have one small leak at an in-line filter. Didn’t screw the nipple in tight enough, guess I was worried about damaging the filter housing.

The wiring of the pump switch, pump controller is what concerned me. It goes from a main shut off to the switch to a controller (big condenser?) to the pump. Anyway, I nailed it. Everything works great.

Hopefully we will have better tasting water and I won’t have to spend an hour every week trying to get the damn rust stains out of the shower.

Happy. Dance.


It took my husband and I four days to move a water heater 10 feet. Two weeks later, it started to leak and had to be replaced…2 more days …sigh. I hate plumbing.

Kudos! Nothing like getting done. Did it all yourself, from the sound of it.

I can do the wiring and plumbing stuff, but framing and other carpentry details make me cringe. Something about the old plan aheaD thing, I think.

Thanks Guys/Gals.

I was a bit stressed about it. It sucks to be with out water. And no way, no how can I take Monday off if something went wrong (database migration at work).

Where I live, buying a plumbing part can be a bit of a problem on the weekend.

My Brother and I have a saying, ‘God hates the man that’s afraid to cut’. A loose translation is ‘Stop looking at it and do it’.

Yep. This started off as a one story additon with a deck on top. The my Wife and I had an epipheny. Make it two stories and push out our bedroom. Wrap the whole thing with a deck later. I only wish I had made it 2 feet wider. Oh well.

The only thing that is constant is that things change.