Italian PM Berlusconi attacked with model cathedral

BBC story here, with picture of alleged weapon (or a similar model):

Summary: Mentally ill person, armed with paperweight-type model of Milan Cathedral, got close enough to Silvio Berlusconi after a rally to throw the model and score a direct hit on his face, taking out his nose and two teeth.

I’m not a Berlusconi fan–who is? (other than, obviously, at least some Italians). But this falls in the “shouldn’t happen to anyone” category. Look at the pointy spire on that model; a bit higher on the throw and Berlusconi could be missing an eye. His bodyguards can’t be feeling too pleased today.

How the hell did his security team let someone get that close? :confused:

Not a fan either, but you have to feel sorry for the guy. No one deserves that. :frowning:

I don’t feel sorry for him. I think more leaders could stand to get hit in the face, especially a corrupt asshole like Berlusconi.

Do we know for sure that the assailant is mentally ill, or is that just what the media reported?

It’s just not their job to stop people getting near. Berlusconi likes to get up close and personal with his supporters, going right into the crowds and shaking hands and so on. His security just have to do the best they can with that.

Italian PM Berlusconi attacked with model cathedral

This is why we need separation of church and state.

It was only a model.

I know I’m going to hell for this but I couldn’t keep from chuckling when the PM of Italy got bitch slapped.

Amidst all the doom and gloom it was nice to hear some good news.

It was kind of surreal, watching CNN and seeing a billionaire with a bloody mouth. :eek: A pie would have been more tactful. I suppose the attacker thought of the irony or poetic justice or whatever when throwing a model of the Milan catherdal.

Something out of The Simpsons.

I’ll give you more good news, then: Berlusconi will be able to play the role of a martyr and claim it was an attack by the evil communist Stalinists (that is, everyone who disagrees with him) forever. :mad:

One thing that was very noticeable was the way Berlusconi suddenly looked like a very old man when sitting in the back of the car. Gone was the painted-on smile, the fake tan and the slicked-back hair. In that instant he seemed to have aged twenty years.


it was the teeth part that got me. bad enough you are attacked but you have to go to the dentist as well?! that is torture.