Italian? Psuedo-Italian? Does anyone know these words?

Background: I was raised in a fairly ethnic Italian family, but I never learned to speak Italian. Still, my elders were prone to throwing the occasional non-English word into conversation, particularly if the conversation got heated. While some of them I heard often enough to determine they were definite curses, there are a few that continue to elude me. Since I don’t spell in Italian either, I have no clue how to go about looking these words up, and even if I did, I suspect many of them to be slang that probably wouldn’t show up in a dictionary. I can give y’all context, and even a possible definition, but I’d love some actual answers if anyone has any.

The first one is (phonetically): MISH-cahm-brool. As in, “I had all these papers sorted, but now they’re all mishcambrool.” I suspect this is a made up word, but does anyone know if it has any actual Italian origin?

Then: ah-BOOST. “When she graduated, I gave her a little aboost.” Or, “Aboost! For me? You shouldn’t have!” Is this “gift”?

“Oh, Madron!” is, I think, some variation of Mama Mia, or an appeal to the Madonna? It’s either a heavily rolled R in the middle there, or some combo of D and R.

Stoo-NAHD, I know, as well as stronzo and capotoste (pronounced respectively as stroonz and gabodost.)

After I talk with my “gooh-MAHD” (godmother), I am sure to think of more.

Madonna, is an elision of Mi Donna, or My Lady. A mild explitive that can be used in polite company, used to convey bewilderment or incredulity.
Busta I believe refers to the bag the bride carries around at the wedding reception to contain all the proferred[read:envelopes] gifts. By extension now, it refers to any collective gift-giving occasion.
I never knew how to spell stunod, the joke is it’s DONUTS spelled backwards. But it means a fool.
Comare is indeed godmother, usually coupled with *compare, i.e. godfather(not THE godfather)
Never heard of your first term, One my family uses is mischellangia, all mixed up, or in disarray.
Bring the rest on, this has been a real stroll down memory lane.