Italy bans fans from all sporting events

Until April 3rd , impacts all levels of sports

Will matches still be televised? Will Italians congregate at bars to watch sports on television?

It’ll be like that White Sox-O’s game a few years back that was played in an empty stadium because of the Freddie Gray riots. It was really eerie, but also kind of cool. Wonder if it feels more like practice to the players.

Strade Bianche was cancelled today, as well - major one day bike race. Milan San Remo (monument bike race) looking v doubtful as it’s only a couple of weeks away, and even the Giro must be under threat, although that is in May. I guess decisive action is needed.

Talk of playing the remaining English premier league games behind closed doors, but nothing official yin that direction - we haven’t seen that sort of preemptive action from the government concerning crowds of any sort yet.

I wonder why they went with April 3rd. It’s unlikely that the disease will be controlled by then.