"Italy's great, but, like, your eyelids are amazing"

That doesn’t make any sense. Apparently I misheard something. I should probably stop eavesdropping.

Italy’s great, but like your islands are amazing.

You know, the ones she owns in Greece.

Let me guess.

Your SO went to Italy, and decided to come back immediately because your eyelids are so cute.

How romantic! :smiley:

Maybe it’s a sarcastic way of saying that Italy sucks. You know, like “Italy’s only great if you consider your eyelids amazing.”

Or maybe they’re freaks with a wierd eyelid fetish.

Can’t remember the comedian, but he has a hilarious routine about a comment he overheard out of context once:

“If it hadn’t been for that horse, I never would’ve spent that year in college.”

In fact, my friends and I found this so amusing that we decided it would be fun to carefully craft a conversation completely of non sequiters and stage it in a public place for the express purpose of confusing eavesdroppers.

It was Lewis Black and he’s hilarious!:smiley:

The odd thing about drunks is that they mix thoughts into one sentence. Try not eavesdropping in bars.

Maybe he was talking to an Italian girl and was enthralled by the natural dark highlights that many Mediterranean women have?

I know, I know, quit trying to be logical…