Youtube videos it's impossible not to literally LOL at

My contribution:

Get out the way, bitch! Kitty rides a roomba and defeats all in her path.

Dad (not mine) at the Comedy Barn.

Bizkit the sleepwalking dog

The cutest laughing baby of all time

Was this a mistake, or should I be reporting this for threadshitting?

Rickroll in three…two…


I watched about 10 seconds of this before I was laughing hysterically.

I was kind of wondering about that, too.

May I request that we all describe our links instead of just posting URLs?

Richard Simmons on Whose Line

I reported it. I apologize if I have been whooshed.

Actually, I give you the new rickroll:

This may be mean of me, but it was impossible for me not to laugh out loud at this poor American Idol contestant.

Interviewer can’t keep a straight face.

I thought I read that interview is actually “fake”, in the sense it is a comedy bit or something.

Am I wrong? It’s still funny. :slight_smile:

I came in to post that.

OK, this one is pretty funny. Again though, kinda mean.

I like the way the editor keeps showing it over and over, at various speeds and zooms.

Kitty is a very BAD Mystic
This one kills me.

Girl watching the above link.