Funniest obscene video you've seen on the internet (TMI)

There are countless websites out there which feature disturbing/pornographic clips, none of which are really memorable or notable (well, I guess tubgirl and goatse is an exception…:eek: ) but every once in a while I’ll find a clip that is laugh-out-loud funny.

One I saw recently (from consumption junction) was a vaguely-labled clip. When I viewed it I was expecting to see something about female ejaculation or other wierdness, but the clip shows this woman licking this guy’s ass. I was about to stop it because I’m really not tittilated by watching someone lick someone’s butt. However, halfway into the salad tossing, the dude farts in the girls face :eek: and she slaps him, cusses him out, and storms off.

I damn near fell out of my chair from laughing so hard. I guess the funny thing about it was that the woman had no problem licking some guy’s butt on camera, but then gets all grossed out when he farts at her. What the hell did she expect?!

Quite a funny clip, in an obscene, vulgar kind of way :wink:

Oh, you mean unintentionally funny? ‘Cause the first thing that came to my mind was that video of the naked Japanese (?) couple doin’ it all Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon style. Flying through the trees, with the appropriate sound effects and facial expressions…makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it! :slight_smile:


Psst, hey Misnomer. If that clip is what I think it is, it’s from ‘Chinese Torture Chamber Story’. Despite its name, it’s a really funny and bizzare movie. Filmed in Cantonese, and the whole thing is very over the top - the main plot involves death by exploding penis. I saw it as part of an international film fest, and recommend seeing it. I’m fairly certain it’s intentional humour…

My favorite clip involved a money shot and someone screaming “My eye, my eye!”

It’s not exactly pornographic, but it deals with the effects of a porno-e-mail on a hapless schmuck’s life: Farm Sluts.

Downloaded a weird one once, (mis-leading file name, I swear!)

A woman in a small motel room, all dolled up in a skimpy french-maid type outfit and high heels. She is standing, walking around very normal, walking around a completely naked man (no socks, nothing, IIRC).

She appears to be doing nothing in particular. Almost looks like a ‘behind the scenes’ clip, before they started filming sex or something.

She heads over toward the bed, and sort of passes behind the man. She stops, now standing behind him and asks, “are you ready?” The guy just sort of nods, but doesn’t speak. Then BAM! She hauls off and kicks the man in the 'nads! :eek: Full-force!

He drops to the ground, writhing in pain/pleasure and the clip ends.

Some people…

I saw what appeared to be some sort of poor-quality home video. The guy begins to mount up (missionary style, IIRC). All of a sudden the woman throws him off the very surprised man as she screams “WRONG HOLE! WRONG HOLE!”

I believe that’s against the rules around here. I think there is a two-click-to-porn rule.

The worst one I saw was of a woman having sex with a horse. It made me feel all wrong inside.

Well, there’s the policy thing that GingerofTheNorth mentioned, but also I don’t have a link – I downloaded it when I first came across it, and have had it for a few years now.

I really have no idea what it’s from, but it’s definitely intentional humour. :slight_smile: There is no speaking, just – well – noises. Funniest damn dirty video clip I’ve ever seen!

The weirdest and unintentionally funniest I’ve seen starts with a trailer-trashy frizzy bleached platinum blonde with bad teeth grinning at the camera for a few seconds.

Then she produces a 16"DHIBJD, and swallows all of it except for what she’s grabbing with one hand in a power grip.

Then she proceeds to run it in and out, rapidly… and the noise she makes is something like aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala

Then she withdraws it, swallows once, and grins at the camera.

It’s the sound… the sound that makes it so hilarious.

Grr… I can’t remember what the “I” is. Double headed __________ blue jelly dildo, right???

And if anyone wants to email me links, that’d be hilarious.


I was once watching a video where a girl was masturbating. It was a close up, and her finger was really strumming away rapidly. Coincidentally, as that part of the video started, Rammstein’s “Asche zu Asche” came on.

The perfect synchronization between the girl’s finger and the distorted guitars caused me to nearly fall out of my chair.

Here is the link for your reference.
…and it should be referred to as18"DHIBJD :eek: :eek: per laina_f. :smiley:

So that’s what tossing the salad means! I’ve been trying to figure that one out ever since I saw Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back! :smack:

It was called “Pornosaurus”. It was someone wearing an anatomically correct dinosaur costume with these two chicks. At first he’s fingering the one, while she moans and occassionally rubs the other chick’s clit. Both of them though, are just writhing and wiggling like crazy. Then they’re both licking this things…shlong.

Then Pornosaurus starts fucking the one first chick from behind, while she rubs her chin on the other girl’s thigh.

It ends with Pornosaurus splooging (which, btw, is bright neon green) all over the first girl’s back. Then she says something in Swedish or German, and then Pornosaurus cackles and points to his mamoth schlong.

My apologies… I’d obviously forgotten the most impressive detail. :smiley:

And who knows what the actual length was… the virtuous lass in the video didn’t provide a tape measure for scale reference.

I’ll never forget that sound… aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala-aghala


I never watched the tape, but the title alone did it for me: Interracial Midgets.

Similar story. Shortly after video cassettes came out, they had no soundtrack matching the video, but had dubbed-in music. Girl masturbating, and for a “classy” bit of soundtrack they used Whitney Houston – unfortunately, the song they selected was “The Greatest Love of All.” :slight_smile: